Smex Scene Sunday

as hot as it gets

Hero: Jackson. Navy SEAL. He will charm off your panties with his southern manners, and is then in charge of everything in the bedroom.

Heroine: Mia. Super responsible, raising her brother, doesn’t have time for nonsense. Based on previous relationships, she thinks sex is boring. Oh does she have a lot to learn.


“I’ll let you blow me again later, darlin’. Right now I’m more interested in fuckin’ your brains out.”

“Oh,” she squeaked. “Okay.”

Still laughing, he got on the bed and eased his body over hers, supporting himself by propping up on his elbows. His erection lay flat on her stomach, and he made no move to push it inside her yet. What he did was dip his head and kiss her, a slow, thorough kiss that made her gasp against his lips.

He raised his head. “I’m gonna go easy on you today, seeing as it’s our first time and all.”

She peered up at him, looking slightly awed. “And what does ‘going easy’ on me actually mean?”

He planted fleeting kisses along her jaw, then nuzzled her neck and breathed in her flowery feminine scent.

“It means—” he flicked his tongue over her earlobe, “—that I’m not gonna tie you up tonight—” his lips traveled to the hollow of her throat, “—or spank you until your ass is pink—” he kissed her throat before licking his way back to her mouth, “—or fuck your ass so hard you won’t be able to sit down for days.”

He bit hard on her bottom lip, then sucked on it to soothe the sting and enjoyed the way she moaned.

“But I will do all those things to you, Mia,” he finished. “Make no mistake.”


Just a tiny peek into what is a very sexy, very dirty book. I’ve enjoyed all the books in this series and this one might be one of the dirtiest.

As Hot as it Gets releases this Tuesday. If you have yet to try this series, this is my recommendation- I believe the first six or so are novella length. Book seven, Feeling Hot is the first one I read and closer to a full length book (then I went backwards). I loved Feeling Hot and the next one, Getting Hotter.

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  1. Rhonda says

    Panty combust in 3….2….1!

    I’ve read most of this series – Feeling Hot is my favorite and totally swoon worthy.

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