Smexy’s Top Ten – February 21st

jon snow10.  Shannon Stacey tweeted this gif earlier this week with the caption, Me right now, along with pretty much everyone else in the Northeast. It’s been a piss poor winter y’all. IF ONLY MY HAIR LOOKED THAT GOOD IN THE FREEZING WIND AND SNOW. Damn it Jon Snow. Stop being so sexy on top of a mountain. You don’t even have any snot coming out.


impossible things9. Thanks to a rec from Pamela, I read Impossible Things by Kate Johnson this week and I really enjoyed it. The hero is a warlord, feared by many, but he is actually a really good guy. He rescues the heroine who is a very abused slave. She is also blind and a healer. (She also has other tricks up her sleeve). Obviously she has a lot of healing to do and she needs to learn to trust again due to the severe abuse she suffered. Due to this, there is not a lot of physical romance, but the courtship is nice. And I loved the heroine’s journey to gain strength and confidence. My only complaint is I felt the end was rushed – I wanted to see them happy together longer.  But overall a very nice, different read. I liked it. Goodreads l Kindle



8. OMG Filip Filsar. You GO with your badass mustached self. 

noshirtcoffee7. OH HEY GUYS. So I love coffee. I love shirtless men. Now I can enjoy both. That is if I lived in Spokane, Washington . Hot Cup of Joe, features shirtless baristas. I’m actually not sure how I feel about this. LOL. Not sure I want naked stranger man chest near my coffee.   (thanks Kate)

hemsworth6. Awwww….look at these two. Could they be any cuter??? I love both of you and I refuse to get over it. Now – take off your pants! (what?)

5. I have yet to watch Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show (I can stay awake for my beloved Andy Cohen, but that’s my limit) but this piece is amazing!! So worth a watch.

fassybeard4. Buzzfeed came out with their ’22 Hottest Bearded Men in Britain’ list. While it’s not the best list in the world, the above gif of Fassy is so worth it!

3. Rose Lerner tweeted this really cute video of actors discussing who their favorite is – Batman or Superman. It’s fun to watch.

boozebox2. I’ve been doing the subscription box thing all wrong. I currently subscribe to Ipsy box (my favorite) Birch Box and Glossy Box. All make-up samples. But this week, Brie introduced me to the Flaviar Box aka THE BOOZE BOX. Each  month they send you ‘5 Premium Spirits.’ Who needs lip liner when you can be guzzling booze straight from your mail box. Brilliant.

bieber1. It’s Friday. Oh wonderful Friday. It will be even more wonderful if USA beats Canada in hockey today. *grins* Have a great weekend!


  1. says

    Yaaaayyy!! I’m so glad you enjoyed Impossible Things!!! That gives me great hapenis.
    *saves Jon Snow gif for later use*
    /whiney voice* But I don’t WANNA to keep Bieber… :{
    Have a great weekend!

  2. says

    I love the Hiddleston/Hemsworth T-shirts. So cute. So the Ipsy box is your favorite? I’ve been wanting to sign up for one of those, but wasn’t sure which one might be the best bang for your buck.

  3. Heather says

    “Oh, Canada….” *sobs* When will the US beat our friendly neighbors from the North?! What an awful past two days in the world of international hockey.

  4. Cheryl says

    That hockey match was stressful. And as a Dallas Stars fan, watching our captain score the lone goal to knock out Team USA was like a dagger to the heart.

    I could use one of those liquor sample boxes right about now.

  5. Lisa says

    :-) Sorry, but the US gets to keep the Biebs. You broke him, you buy him! He was fine when he left his little town of Stratford, Ontario. Now he’s all “Hollywood” and a total mess.

    Go Canada! Lol!

  6. says

    Lol no one wants the Bieber anymore. Liquor samples? Hmm would they ship international? I just don’t like books with blind main characters or does she miraculously recover from that? Being a healer and all?

    • Mandi says

      Her seer abilities allows her to be VERY aware of her surroundings and what is going on. It is a fantasy so there is leeway there.

  7. Milly says

    Not weeping :). Happy Canuck over here though I’m not sure if I’m happier because of the hockey or because you guys get to keep the Biebs! Hey you guys got Ice Dance & well deserved!

  8. Jo says

    Ok, so now I want a Superman Thor smack down. That would be awesome. Also, booze delivered to my mailbox would be a slightly tipsy dream come true :)
    Lastly, Impossible Things I really enjoyed.

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