Smexy’s Top Ten – February 28

squirrel feeder10. Maybe because it is 7 degrees outside – again for the 100th time this winter and I have CABIN FEVER AND GOING INSANE. But this horse head squirrel feeder makes me giggle. A lot. It’s almost as good as the squirrel head feeder. Can we just keep creating different heads for the squirrels to eat out of? Please?

bitterspirits9. Tori reviewed Bitter Spirits by Jenn Bennett earlier this year. So why am I mentioning it again? Because I was a dummy and didn’t read it when Tori first reviewed it! And I just finished it and loved it so much I must take a turn talking about it. This romance is so well done. It is set in the 20’s and has ghosts – which is why I didn’t read it right away. For whatever reason I thought those things didn’t appeal to me – but some friends on Twitter kept recommending it and I’ve been in such a reading slump I tried it. Amazing setting, great story, and the romance – oh these two characters are so adorable and so smoldering sexy. The flirting and sexual tension is done so well. And the way they fall in love is just sweet. Highly recommend this one. Goodreads l Kindle

bikerset8. This boxed set full of ‘Alpha Bad Boy Biker’ stories is only $.99 – and I think there are 14 stories included. I have not read it – so I can’t say yay or nay. But for $.99….it’s probably a good deal. I did root around on Goodreads and found this review that mentions there are some stories that have cliffhangers that makes it a bit frustrating. But if you are in the mood for some bad boys… Kindle l Nook

iced117. Looked – I’m totally bummed by the news that Burned, the second book in Karen Marie Moning’s Dani/Ryodan series is now pushed back until 2015. I’ve probably spent a ridiculous amount of time being upset by this news. BUT. She released an excerpt/teaser this week titled, Sex with Lor. And damn it – it’s hot. And now I’m all excited for Burned. For fans of Iced – I want Lor to take me to level four and make me a woman. #LevelFourHo is what I am.

Also – Iced came out this week in paperback. Read it slowly! You have a year to finish it. LOL

nowkiss6. Maisey Yates tweeted this last night and it makes me giggle every time I look at it. (ALSO PLEASE HAPPEN)

turkeypeen5. This husband drew a peen on his wife’s whiteboard for an entire year. Why, you ask? I have no idea. Why do boys do anything? Is this newsworthy? Not really but I have to give props to the Turkey Peen!! (I have a joke about the gravy bowl but you can see where it’s going…)  And there are many, many more (nsfw for the fact that there are peen pics) LINK.

thigh14. When the Olympics started, the Canadian Bobsledding team tweeted this pic – and my second thought (first was beard win! of course) was THIGHS. Good lord the thighs. So when I saw this list – The Top 40 Hottest Pairs of Rugby Thighs, I fell down dead. You guys – these thighs may crush you but it’d probably be worth it. See 39 more pics here.

coffee3. I need this. I need this so much.

invasion2. I have two kids who are obsessed with Minecraft. And when I say obsessed I mean their devotion to this game has gone on forever. They watch youtube videos of people playing the game. They have the legos and any other merchandise that I was conned into buying. And now they have announced a Minecraft Movie. Oh was there was excitement in my house last night. Also – my ten year old read the above book and he loved it. It’s a fiction book based in the Minecraft world. I didn’t read it so I can’t say either way – but he enjoyed it a lot.

beardwin1. Happy Friday! Sound beard advice above. Hope you have a great weekend – read something smexy.




  1. LoriK says

    I just got around to reading Bitter Spirits last week and I also really enjoyed it. The setting wasn’t the same old, same old and the characters were charming. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.

  2. Carrie Jones says

    I needed a good laugh this Friday + some book recs for the rainy SF weekend. So thank you, thank you! Lovin’ that mug up there.

  3. Diana says

    I can admit, I’m hoping there will come a day when Chris Helmsworth and Tom Hiddleston will be able to admit to their love. I look at them and I see the love that must not be named; like that between Butch and V from the BDB.

  4. Laura B says

    Are your kiddos Cupquake and Red fans? I really don’t get the whole watching other people play the game on youtube thing, but my spawn, oops “daughters,” seem to get the phenomenon. I think I’ll keep quiet about the Minecraft movie… the sqeeing would be too much for me.

    • Mandi says

      I know they watch Captain Sparklz and the Yogscast I think? They are obsessed with watching others play. I don’t get it either!

  5. says

    I think I will wait with reading the KMM books until she has finished them all. She is one of the Queens of cliffhangers after all.

  6. Jo says

    There is a player on that rugby list whose name is Billy Slater who I think started wearing his brightly coloured footy boots so his young daughter would be able to pick him out when she was in the stands watching him play. I thought that was just the cutest thing so that story stuck with me :-)

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