Smexy’s Top Ten – February 7th


10. My kids have had school for a total of 3.5 hours this week due to the weather. Now we all have that chest congestion cough thing. Save me. Save me from this week.


archersvoice9. I have yet to read this – but! Jane from Dear Author and peeps on twitter and our facebook page have rec’d Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan to me. I hear the hero is a virgin. Yes. I’m going to read it this weekend. I’ll report back. Goodreads l Kindle

theking.jpg8. The King by JR Ward is available for pre-order at her virtual signing site. She will personalize the book to you and you will receive it once it’s released this April. I think supplies are very limited so if you want a signed book, better hurry up!

penis17. 19 Peens you must visit before you die. Family vacation around the world folks!


Now that is a vegetable I’d eat.   Link for more.

oreocookie6. You guys. An oreo cookie, with chocolate chip cookie dough in the middle. EVEN BETTER:


Bake a chocolate chip cookie with an oreo in the middle. *flails* I’m obviously not utilizing the oreo cookie the correct way.

TomH5. Tom Hiddleston will be appearing on Top Gear on BBC America later this month.  I guess this means he will be driving around a fast car? Does this excite you? I’m still waiting for him to do something for me.


sherlock4. Speaking of men who don’t do anything, guess what??? I’ve started watching Sherlock on BBC – the one with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. I’m now in love with Benedict Cumberbatch!! I get it!! I get the attraction. Well – I should clarify – I’m in love with the character of Sherlock. I want him to….analyze me.

This is a really great series. Each season is three episodes, each about 1.5 hours. SO well casted and written. My husband and I are really enjoying it. It’s on Netflix.

legomovie3. The Lego Movie opens today! My kids are so darn excited. Even better – I’ve read several reviews and they are all raving about it. I’m not a huge fan of kid movies – but I’m kind of excited to see this too. Legos have been such a big part of my kids’ entertainment.  See the trailer here.

grilled cheese2. This will be happening this weekend. Jalepeno Popper Grilled Cheese. OMG.

1. As mentioned above, I’ll be trying Archer’s Voice this weekend. I also want to try a m/m book by Cardeno C. A ‘new to me’ author. Have a great weekend! Stuff yourself with grilled cheese!


  1. Lammie says

    Remember the Canadian bobsled team picture a couple of weeks ago, with the men in their underwear? Canadian TV has reported that the driver’s website is now blocked within Russia. He tried to update it, and he couldn’t get to it, instead getting a message that the website is banned. Not that it really matters, but I don’t think the picture was sent out as a gay message (I don’t even know if any of the guys are gay), but it appears that Russia has decided they are and it is bad. I feel like we should all read some kind of m/m romance this weekend to protest. Are there any m/m Olympic romance books?

  2. says

    I really like Tom Hiddleston as Loki. He is so deliciously evil (despite the odd headwear). I really want Marvel to give Loki his own movie. And that grilled cheese sandwich sounds awesome.

  3. LoriK says

    I assume that when Tom Hiddleston is on Top Gear he will actually be driving a kind of crappy car and trying to make it go faster than it was really meant to go in order to win bragging rights over previous celebrity guests. One of the regulars will then interview him about the driving and other random things.

    Put that way it sounds slightly obnoxious, but the celebrity segment is usually really fun. Hiddleston is such a good sport that I imagine his will be very charming.

    • Mandi says

      Ah…I’ve only seen this show a handful of times so I couldn’t remember the details. I also know nothing about cars so crappy vs. good would be lost on me LOL

      I did watch Fassbender drive around the track when he was on. That was fun :)

  4. pamelia says

    I have “Archer’s Voice” for this weekend’s read as well. I’m almost afraid to read it now since I’ve heard nothing but great stuff about it. That makes me nervous — like it can’t possibly be THAT good, but I hope it is!
    Tom Hiddleston is my current favorite celeb crush. Love him. I will watch him on Top Gear. I will drool over his (presumably) masterful, yet understated handling of an economy car, just as I drool over him dancing, wearing leather, acting like Loki, smacking Chris Hemsworth’s ass and EVERYTHING.

  5. Amanda says

    Isn’t the Benedict Cumberbatch thing crazy. If you had shown me a pic before I watched I would have said he is not my type. As I have watched a few episodes I can say I find his Sherlock very attractive but I still can’t explain exactly way. There is just something about him.

    • Mandi says

      Man his Sherlock character is just so….complex. I just love watching him act – everyone in that show is so good. Very entertaining.

    • Mandi says

      I can’t believe I’ve never heard of her. I asked on twitter about her a few night ago and got a good response. Excited to try her.

  6. says

    Tom Hiddleston-I don’t get him. I will keep watching.

    Oreo cookie dough goodness. I gained 5 lbs just looking at it.

    I want to see the Lego movie too. It looks so cute and they were a large part of the kid’s life too. I swear we have lego everything.

    I hate grilled cheese. lol

  7. Rhonda says

    Ohhhh….. girl. I envy you Archer Virgins. That book is so stinking good. Now I’m skulking around like a hound dog to cure my Archer hang over.

    I Bree You! *Clutching chest and dying over here* Read it and you will know what I mean! Enjoy it – it’s a wine and bubble bath kind of book – not cheap beer and velveeta (my usual reading choices).

  8. Helyce says

    My son turned 18th on Thursday and said he wanted to see the Lego movie this weekend ‘with his friends’. I died of the LOL! You’re never too old for a Legos.

    I told my husband about the jalapeno popper grilled cheese. He made a face at me.

    The really odd thing about that peen vegetable you featured is that there are others on the vine similarly shaped…it wasn’t a fluke of nature. Weird!

    I love BBC, but I have never seen that Sherlock show.

  9. says

    My boyfriend loves to watch the Sherlock show, and three episodes is way too little. I don’t get the attraction to Loki though, or to this Sherlock. I do like looking at Thor though, and Iron Man. He also played a movie Sherlock Holmes, I did enjoy that.

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