Smex Scene Sunday

beyondjealosyHeroes: Ace and Cruz. Both a bit tortured. Both in love with Rachel. Both do dirty things together without Rachel.

Heroine: Rachel. Longing to belong and to show everyone she is not all sweet and innocent. Ace and Cruz can definitely help with this.


Cruz caught her face between his hands and held her there. “You’re a brat with Ace, but you’re so sweet and good for me, aren’t you?”

“Always,” she breathed. “I love the way you look at me, especially when you stop fighting yourself.”

He’d touched her lower lip a dozen times, but now he pressed the pad of his thumb against it knowing he’d soon feel its silky softness rubbing along the underside of his cock. He still couldn’t reconcile the dichotomy, how the desire to stroke her softly could coexist with the urge to see her lips stretched wide and helpless around his shaft as he fucked into her mouth with selfish hunger.

The paradox of wanting both should have swallowed the damn universe. But it didn’t, because she wanted both, too.

He stroked his thumb back and forth. “Find her something to kneel on.”

Ace pressed a kiss to Rachel’s shoulder and drew back, returning a moment later to urge Cruz’s feet apart, wide enough to accommodate a cushion. Cruz edged the tip of his thumb into Rachel’s mouth. “The more of my cock you take, the harder I’ll let Ace fuck you.”

She clenched both hands on his shoulders and whimpered around his thumb. Then she slid to the floor, kneeling with her hands folded in her lap–the perfect picture of lust and submission.

Her lashes fluttered, and she looked up to meet Cruz’s eyes. “I told you before, I don’t know how. And you said Ace would show me.” The words were innocent on the surface, but a wicked awareness lurked beneath them.

She knew what she was asking. God save him.

God had better save him, because Ace sure the hell wouldn’t. He groaned and knelt behind her, gathering her hair up off her neck. “You’re not a good girl at all. You’re a delicious, filthy girl who wants to lick my tongue while it’s all over Cruz’s cock. Does that make you wet and achy, angel?”

She slid one hand into his hair–and pulled hard. “I want to see if it makes you as hot as I think it does. And if it gets him off as hard as I know it will.”


Oh god this book is so dirty and good. Just a tease to get you through until tomorrow (release day) *wink* If you want more of a tease, Kit Rocha has posted the first 200 pages of the book.

If you have yet to try this series, it is very well done and one of my favorites. You can find previous reviews here. You don’t have to read them in order but it will be more fun if you do.

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  1. Helyce says

    I can’t wait for this one! I’m reading Beyond Pain right now but I wasn’t sure Ace and Cruz had a thing for each other yet–until I read your scene above.


  2. Sheena says

    I don’t like this triangle deal going on….Ace/Rachel that’s it! Cruz needs to go find his own woman. I’m still going to read it, but I don’t like them sharing Rachel!

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