Let’s Talk: The King by J.R. Ward

theking1.jpgThe King by JR Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood #12)
Paranormal Romance
Released: April 1, 2014

Spoilers Ahead!!!


Beth and Wrath: I think we all knew coming into this book, we would see a mating between Beth and Wrath (‘Bath?’) that was going to go through a bumpy road. And I think pregnancy drama was expected. I enjoyed all of their interactions in this book. Wrath’s terror at the thought of Beth being pregnant.

“I need you to hear this,” he said in a dead voice, “and know that it’s the God’s honest. I will not service you in your needing. Ever.”

Now it was her turn to breathe out like she’d been socked in the gut. “I can’t….I can’t believe you just said that.”

“It is never, ever going to happen. I will never get you pregnant.”

Beth’s determination though wins – she sits with Layla for hours a day in hopes to kick start her needing. Keeping things from Wrath so he doesn’t know what she is doing. Wrath’s pure exhaustion with being King and all the crap that comes with it. All of this together – it worked really well for me. I loved their fighting. I loved their love making. Wrath getting advice from Tohr – the male who lost his mate and his unborn child. OH THE FEELS. Looking back I don’t have any complaints about these two. Maybe Beth’s pregnancy got bumped along a little too fast – but the book was 600 some pages so I guess we didn’t need every moment of her pregnancy. She has a son, Wrath jr or L.W (little wrath). And I have to say – I love a good needing phase. LOVE IT. I want a female to go into needing in every book. Favorite part of Beth and Wrath – when Wrath wakes up from being knocked out and Beth isn’t there and he goes into that total rage that demolishes the pool room. Zomg. Ward actually used the word ‘Couch-icopters” and “Wrath-Beth x Overnight = Psyco-hose Beast.” Love.

Assail and Sola: Bored me to tears. I could have cared less about these two. I’ve never connected with Assail in previous books and likewise Sola does nothing for me. I didn’t care about their story and they got sooooo much page time. I wish that page time had been spent checking in with Blay and Qhuinn or more with Xcor and Layla.

JM: Oh my adorable John Matthew. His seizures when he is around Beth are getting worse. He is getting flashes and words in the old language – all having to do with Darius although no one else has any idea why it’s happening. Love where this is going. I wonder if the root of these seizures will ever come out? Love seeing how strong his relationship is with Xhex and how much Wrath respects him.

Trez and Selena: This was the most surprising couple for me – I’ve never been a huge Trez or iAm fan but I really enjoyed their story in this one. I looooved Trez and Selena. Both of them. How dirty and messed up Trez is. How horny Selena is. Their passion, their torment.

His erection was ….just as incredible as the rest of him.

“Shut the goddamn door!” he hollered.

God I love them.

Selena’s sickness and Trez’s drama with the Shadow queen. Can’t wait to see how this plays out more. We also meet s’Ex (this name and the way it’s spelled makes me weep) . Odd fellow, yes? 7 feet tall, over 300 pounds. And I guess a sex god? I mean a s’Ex god? *weeps some more* Oh! And we learn iAm is a virgin. *bites lips*

Xcor and Layla: Oh these two give me the good dirty feels. I love, love, love them together. I love that Layla will pimp herself out to him to save Wrath. I lvoe that he allows this YET has real feelings for her too. It makes me bouncy. It feels a little dark for Ward and I approve of it. I want them to have their own book. Pop out that kid Layla and then make it happen with Xcor. Let’s go!

Saxton and the uprising:S Are you starting to feel like Saxton is getting deeper storylines and maybe his own book one day? I used to not like him but now I want him to find some love. Poor Sax! He needs to be set up on a date I think. Make this happen Ward. I liked his part in trying to stop the council from ousting Wrath too.

The end: I love how it all wrapped up. It was a little mushy with L.W. being born and Wrath becoming a King for his common people. Beth and Wrath having a civil ceremony with Elvis, I mean Lassiter officiating it. *giggle* It felt warm and gooey and I liked it.

What’s next? Whose book is next? Do we find out a her signing?? I need to know! What else happened in this book that you want to talk about? Overall – did we like?

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  1. Selena Mc says

    Haven’t read it yet, Mandi! I’m on my way to BWI to go to the signing in Cincinnati tomorrow :D First time meeting the WARDen! *Squeee* I will read all day in line tomorrow! I’ll get back to ya with my thoughts!

  2. Tori says

    I liked it but didn’t love it. The Assail storyline was looonnngggg and booorrriiinnnggg. Layla and Xor got gyped. Wraith and Beth were cool and it was nice to see them work everything out. I wanted more time with the other brothers. I miss seeing them interact with their mates. Trez and iAm’s storyline was cool and s’EX? I die. Saxton def. needs his own bed warmer and I like how he has been absorbed by the Brotherhood. The ending? Sweet and mushy.

    Biggest qualm? OMG-the name dropping. It was like a long running commercial for every conceivable luxury item. I know I pounded my head into my Pottery Barn desk a few times when I realized I no longer had a Blackberry like Beth and T didn’t have any Armani suits or Tom Ford overcoats. 0_o Of course, when Beth announced her her big news, I popped a Jimmy Choo stiletto while wearing my True Religion jeans. The excitement was too much to bear so I ran to my Rolls Royce and tore down the road screaming with joy while listen to some Eminem.


  3. J.C .Jobin says

    OK, I’ve been a fan of JRWard for years, and this book in my opinion out of 5 possible stars was a very solid 4.7. Not a 5? No. A good, well written, executed book? Hellsyeah. Looking forward to the next instalment? Hellsyeah. Did it fulfil my cracky wishes. Yes, but could have had a little more of the Brothers-but that’s just me and my wishful thinking. However…overall, it was really, really good and certainly tied up some story arcs which needed to be tied up and opened the door for others. That’s what this book was supposed to do and that’s what it did in an extremely deft fashion. By the way the book was called The King…and almost all the story lines/arcs/pov’s were somehow tied into the theme which was…The King.

    On a personal note please let me say/rant: I’m so sick of others who pick this thing apart like this was missing, and that shouldn’t have been there and wrong time lines, and I don’t like this or that, too many modern sayings, references, POVs etc, etc, etc. People…if you are going to measure your life in teaspoons…read the fucking theory of mathematics ok? Do not go into a world of Vampires and things that go bump in the night that will actually tax your imagination and make you colour outside of the lines. Idiots. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to an opinion, “I liked this couple or that couple didn’t do anything for me,” etc. but there is a certain crowd that are just maniacal in their delivery and criticism…I’m pretty positive that JR has a damned good team of editors so if they didn’t pick it up…yaknowwhatimean?

    Also, consider this is the 12th book! JR’s writing has matured/morphed and has changed with the character development. Seriously, if she wrote exactly the same was she commenced the series…I’m sure people would still be complaining, i.e., :the writing has not matured, etc.” Poor woman, she can’t win with some of these morons! I obviously, have no problem with her current style, and commend her with her push forward to maturing these characters while still giving us some of the cracky shit she’s so famous for….And Mandi…if she does write about Assail and Sola in the next book…I bet she’ll make a believer out of you.

    Well, sorry, about the ranting, but since this is the first time I’ve ever put my two cents in on a book, I figured I’d clear the air so to speak.

    Anywhoo…you guys do an awesome job in your reviews and I buy a lot of my books based on your comments and recs. In the meantime, I’m waiting for the next book, whoever it will be, its always a blast for me to read something by JR. Waiting for the next Angels and the next BDB.

    Good Reading Y’all!


    • Mandi says

      I’ll never quit this series – it’s my crack. But I do feel like it’s could be a tighter read. One thing I like is that good or bad – we always have LOTS to say about Ward books. I’d rather have that then a book where everyone was meh;)

      I hope Ward doesn’t write more Assail – lol. But if she does I’ll read it! :)

  4. Lammie says

    Mandi, I agree with your review. I found it slow going at first, but the more I read, the more I liked it. I liked the Assail & Sola stuff in the previous book, but in this book I did not. It was boring. I really liked the Trez and Selena bits, as well as the Xcore and Layla parts. Throe appears like he might be trouble in the future, which is not how we have seen him in the past. I am interested in seeing where those couples go, as well as iAm (who would have thought he was a virgin?). The one thing I wanted to read about was Quinn’s brother. Where is he? How is he doing? There are so many characters now, I know they all can’t appear, but I really wanted to know how he was dealing with his recovery.

  5. says

    I loved parts of this book and thought other parts were a hot mess. I thought the ending was a cheesefest. I’m kind of bummed she’s gotten so sloppy with her writing – like how incredibly messed up the timeline has become. I guess I just feel like it’s kind of been dumbed down for us readers and that’s hard when I know what she’s really capable of writing as she’s shown over the years.

  6. Elizabeth H. says

    The book was slow to start but after Wrath and Beth’s fight about 100 pages in, it started to pick up. I loved all the Wrath and Beth scenes and L.W. so cute! I wished for more Xcor and Layla parts. I totally want them together. I was a little confused though because the last couple of books, Layla totally wants Xcor but in this book, she’s scared of him, or is she really scared of her feelings for him? I totally sighed when Xcor admitted to himself that he loved her. I hope we get the behind the scenes of them in the next book. A lot transpires with the 4 month time jump in the book.

    And Throe is totally pissed at Xcor for not pursuing the thrown and spending time with Layla. Me thinks Throe may have wanted the throne more than Xcor did. I am totally pulling for a Xcor and Layla book!!!

      • Mandi says

        I wanted Layla to want Xcor more too – but I get she is pregnant with Qhuinn’s baby and would have hesitation. I like this set-up though….Can you imagine how pissed Qhuay is going to be when they find out???

  7. Sue says

    I agree with the reviews, it was a great read. So glad to be in the mansion once again. But as a hopeless optimist I really, really wanted Wrath to regain his sight, if only temporarily. Yeah I get that he didn’t but still… I wanted it for him.

  8. says

    I had no idea the BDB bros could travel through time that in 2008 they know all about Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball that was mentioned twice.

    I have a bad feeling the next book will be Trez’s. Ugh.

    I think I’m off the crack after this one, unless the next book is Layla and Xcor (with a side of Toe).

  9. says

    It can’t be so long since I read the last book, and I have, reading the post and all the comments so far, no clue whatsoever who Assail and Sola are. I do wonder, is there any storyline at all, no matter how tiny, to do with the Lessers? And the Omega? Or are they just forgotten completely?

    • Mandi says

      VERY tiny Lesser scene – no Omega or Scribe Virgin. It’s more setting up a war between The Brothers and The band of bastards.

      • says

        I am sorry to read that. I wish she had finished that storyline, especially with the Omega’s new “son” Lash and the evil things he is plotting, before she started with this Band of Bastards.

        • Mandi says

          Ward said at her signing this weekend Lash is coming back – and his HEA will be Devina (the bad girl from her Angels series) lol

          • says

            Ooo dat is cool! Devina is not just a bad girl, she is a demon. And a scary ugly old one at that when not looking human.

  10. Moys says

    I agree with you guys that the Sola/Assail was a bit too much and boring to an extent, likewise I am not into Trez/Selena hooking, However this Ex, the executioner seem to be quite interesting, so hopefully more of him in the future. My couple is Xcor/Layla. Yet I have a feeling that we may have a long wait before we see the likes of their HEA.

    No doubt the next hook up may be Assail/sola, then Trez/Selena…

  11. Lindsayb says

    I still have like 40 pages left to read, but had to go to work. Boo! Now I’m on break. I must admit- I like Assail. Xcor and Kayla need their own book asap! I so badly want Saxton to find his mate. Loved this book. Cant wait to get off work in 6 hours. I almost don’t want to finish because then it’s done!

  12. Sheena says

    ————– Full of Spoilers———————

    *Falls out of my chair because you don’t like Assail & Sola*
    *manages to type haphazardly from the floor*

    Whaaaaaa! I mean….I mean….Assail is so hot, and bad ass! He ruined Benlouise! He went and got his woman and made hot love to her in the shower! He was an awesome lover (no so much with the spunk on her face- ewws)but the “marking” I was all about it! Vovo was so sweet and no nonsense! I wanted to slap Sola silly….how could she leave my Assail! The punishment shower-smexy times! He got his Gucci & Hermes wet for her!

    Ok. Now Xcor & Layla. No No No No No No! I told Ward that Wrath gave Layla’s homeless Chosen ass a roof over her head and now Layla is being sneaky. Ward says she has a friend who agrees! Smart friend! Layla is not slick! She is just using this whole stop-Xcor- from-going-after-Wrath’s throne-you-can-take-my-body as a cover to be a little freak! I am dreading Xcor and Layla-I ope they stay a side story…no full book for them at ALL.

    I loved how there were multiple story Arc’s, I hope Ward continues the trend. I don’t miss the lesser scenes in the least!

    I thought it was something how Beth was already pregnant- all that fighting and she was knocked up- But why didn’t Wrath know? Phurry STRONGLY suspected Bella was pregnant at the first taste of her blood…Wrath fed from Beth and didn’t taste any change in her blood or scent???

    I LOVE iAM…and he is a Virgin…whoooo hoooooo!

    I loved that Betha had the baby by the end of the book. I was so emotional and moved as Wrath began to truly RULE!

    • Susan says

      I thought I was the only one who felt that way about Layla and Xcor! I don’t want them to have a book of their own either. It would be the only Ward book I would consider not buying. LOL!!!

    • Mandi says

      I love how opposite we are with Assail and Trez. LOL

      Good point about not knowing Beth was pregnant. How did he not know after he fed???? GOOD point.

      I love all the storylines too. As long as it’s not an Assail storyline. *wink*

  13. Sheena says

    AND OMH I loved Goddamn Cat and iAm.

    And Wrath was elected by the people for life- the glymera is defunct! Layla is pimping it out because she is a hornball! lol

  14. says

    I really liked The King. I think Ward did an excellent job revisiting Wrath and Beth. Love the needing phases. Sounds way too good to be true. Makes me wish I was a female vampire..,except once every five years would not be enough lol

  15. Pals20 says

    Loooovvvvveeed the book… The wedding and Rhage getting all weepy and emo. Awesome!

    And JR just announced on FB that the Shadows and Trez and iAm are the next book.

  16. says

    I just posted my review, so now I’m off looking at what others are saying. I find that I seem to be in the minority with a lot of the happenings. First – LOVED Beth and Wrath hard. I felt their interactions – both the arguments and the making up – were so emotionally powerful and raw. LOVED!

    I actually really like the Assail and Sola story, but I don’t want it to keep going and going. It would be nice for their story to wrap along side another – but not have their own book.

    The brothers – LOVED. Selena – she is so awesome! I loved her honesty and openness. I loved that she demanded Trez tell her what was going on. I love iAm and Boo! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

    Xcor and Layla – YUCK! I’m so tired of these two, which is unfortunate because I know we’ll just be getting more and more. Here’s hoping Ward will pull out a better storyline for the pair.

    I just read about Ward’s signing on Liza’s blog. There is some great info!

  17. says

    It’s taken me a WEEK to get through this book. I cannot express to you how pointless I feel the Assail/Sola story is. I feel like she’s forcing it on us, when I just want to get back to all the characters we already know and love.
    Additionally, Trez seriously GROSSES ME OUT. I usually am not bothered by a manwhore, but he is manwhore to the 1millionth degree, and I just can’t connect with him.
    I NEED MORE LAYLA + XCOR! I love their storyline! I LOVE that she is giving us more Saxton, as well. And the fact that she stated that Muhrder will be back FINALLY, and that Lash will return and be together with Devina is WIN WIN WIN. So, I’m definitely hooked on this series. She’s got me by the nuts. But sadly, if she keeps going with Assail/Sola and Trez (Selena deserves soooo much better than that nasty mess), I foresee a lot of skimming in my future.
    All this being said – Beth and Wrath totally shined in this book. She did them right!!!

    • Mandi says

      She did do Wrath and Beth right. For sure.

      You might not like the next book since it is Trez and iAm. At least iAm is a virgin – so you won’t get the ick factor from him – LOL

      We def need more Xcor and Layla. Yesssss

        • Mandi says

          Let’s just hope he has a good female. Ward said at her signing that she doesn’t write females well. (we all nod in agreement). But virgin iAm needs someone fun.

          • says

            I was KINDA hoping he’d be Saxton’s HEA!!! I thought she might be going in that direction until he specifically says in the end he is not gay.

  18. says

    When I rated this book, I did it in two parts. I gave one rating to Beth and Wrath’s story, which I loved and a much lower rating to the rest of the book which was like Dug from Up, “Squirrel?”. It was all over the place.

    While, I’m quitting this series, I’ve come to the realization that it isn’t going to live up to the hype, as it did in the past. This will help prevent me from the disappointment and enjoy the story more. At least that is my hope.

    • Mandi says

      I honestly wasn’t that excited for this book. I was really excited for JM’s book and Qhuay, but didn’t have the anticipation as much for this. I think that helped. There is usually one storyline that never works for me in each book so the Assail part fit that.

      At this point – I just like seeing glimpses of the ‘old’ brothers and anything ‘new’ is a bonus :)

  19. bookster says

    I really didn’t care for the Assail/sola storyline either :( I SKIPPED through those chapters. That is a no no with a Warden book but I just really did not care about them and apparently I didn’t miss anything because nobody says OH MY GOSH could you believe what happened with Assail and Sola??!!! nope. nobody.
    Loved Wrath, Wrath and little Wrath to perfection! Loved the interaction with the brothers. I still cannot stand Layla sorry Warden but she was in Blay’s red zone and in my book she will NEVER get out, I don’t care how saintly she is. :)

    • Mandi says

      LOL – I skimmed Assail too and you are right – I haven’t seen anything that I think we missed.

      I used to despise Layla – but the last two books I do like her with Xcor. I think Ward stated she will definitely end up with him – so that makes me feel better. I just hope it all plays out well.

      I’m not a huge fan of the chosen but Selena worked for me pretty well.

  20. Amelia says

    Okay, I just finished the book so I was finally able to read your review. Felt about the same on all of it except the Assial and Sola parts. It’s not that I love the two of them, but I think it’s building towards something I might like. Also I really enjoyed the part with Sola’s grandmother and Assial’s cousins.

  21. Lesboprof says

    I didn’t like this book as much as the earlier books. Somehow Beth has lost her own voice, and she sounds just like one of the guys now. It is kind of crazy. I think the author has lost the individual voices of her characters, and now they tend to blend. It seems to be one reason she adds new characters with different voices. It was all over the place, and I was disappointed. Not as disappointing as Quay, which was the least engaging regarding the main couple. While I was glad that she decided to write the gay relationship, the sex between the characters was rushed and not all that sexy, especially considering the hot, thorough, and emotionally charged sexual relationships in the other books. I will not worry much about reading the next installment.

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