Review: Copper King by Vivian Arend

copperkingCopper King by Vivian Arend (Takhini Shifters #1)
Paranormal Novella
April 1, 2014 (part of Alpha’s After Dark boxed set)
May 1, 2014 (solo release)
Self Published

Reviewed by Helyce

Last year I read Diamond Dust from this author’s Takhini Wolves series which introduced us to Jim Halcyon and his wife Lillie, so I was thrilled to take a step back in time and read the story of how they met. In Copper King, Jim and Lillie are in Vegas for similar reasons.  Jim and his wolf shifter friend Damon have an annual challenge bet going; the winner of which will posses a copper coin they found in their youth.  But before the actual bet begins, they plan on some fun of the female variety.

Lillie is in Vegas to cross off a few things from her bucket list before embarking on a major life change.  She wants to have fun, tear up the town, and do things which she thinks she’ll never be able to do again.  She’s got 5 days and at the top of her list is to have that last fling before some life changing events. Unfortunately, Lillie is very shy and doesn’t really do well in a crowd.  Trying to stay inconspicuous is difficult, especially when she wins a huge jackpot.

Lucky for Lillie, Jim’s already noticed her, and when he senses that she’s in over her head, he’s right there to take care of her and make her feel safe and protected—until his challenge begins, that is…

This was an adorable story that features a right place, right time theme featuring Jim and Lillie.  Jim is a work-a-holic bear shifter who looks forward to this annual challenge with his friend.  He’s billionaire rich, but he never stops working.  So Damon takes matters into his own hands and takes Jim’s phone away in order to make him slow down and enjoy himself.  When Jim sees Lillie, he’s mesmerized but as he approaches her, she runs away.

Lillie really was an adorable character to read. From the beginning, she kind of a conundrum.  She’s shy, timid and clearly uncomfortable in crowds-yet she decided to come to Vegas in a last chance effort to have an adventure.  I loved seeing her character change and grow once she meets and gets together with Jim. As she gets a bit more comfortable, she’s funny and more confident and she keeps Jim on his toes!

I liked that our H/H go into their fling with eyes wide open.  Lilly is clear that she’s got only a few days before having to “be somewhere”  and Jim has his plans with Damon so they are both on the same page.  Neither of them even consider falling in love, but for the reader it’s clearly inevitable. Jim’s actions speak loudly and I really enjoyed how Damon seems to sense what is going on even before Jim does.

In a fairytale-esque turn of events, Ms. Arend twists her story for just long enough for us to scream and pout in one breath only to sigh in relief in the next. While slightly predictable I loved how the story played out.

I was impressed with the bear contingent that was introduced in Diamond Dust and it appears that we’ll see more of the bear clan in this spinoff series. This makes me very happy! In fact, I’d be even more thrilled if we’d see a lot of crossover between series. This fast paced novella is an easy read that will make you laugh and cry.  I can’t wait to see what else the bears have in store for us!

Rating: B

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