Smexy’s Top Ten – July 11th

animals in clothes

10. Can animals always wear clothes? No really, I demand it.



9. A few nights ago, I read the novella Fanning the Flames by Victoria Dahl. I really enjoyed it. Hero is a firefighter, heroine is a librarian. They are both in their mid-40’s (which really appeals to me). Loved both of them. And there are some really hot scenes, as well as some amusing scenes. It’s about 70 pages so it’s a quick read, and totally worth it. Right now, it’s also free. Kindle l Nook l Goodreads

8. This is already two-week old news, but I would have my Smexy card taken away, if I did not at least mention the m/m scene on True Blood. I don’t watch the show anymore, but HELLO HOTNESS! Go forth and watch if you haven’t seen it. And if you have, well watch it again. And again.  (If only Alcide had joined in…..)

7. It’s been a loooooong time since I’ve done a pro-hairy chest post. Let’s just remember how awesome the hairy chest is. Thanks Hairy Chest Perfection Instagram account. Long live the hairy chest.

I dare any of you to negatively comment about hairy chests *eyes everyone suspiciously*

6. Speaking of hairy chests…and beards. Look at this fine, bearded fellow I found via Buzzfeed. Ben Dahlhaus. Sometimes he looks like a man who may not have bathed or groomed himself for a few years. But other times he is fiiiine looking. He has better hair than me so that’s not fair.

Also, since we are talking all things hairy, can we take a moment to reflect on the hottness of Tim Howard?


Let’s ignore it’s a PETA ad, and just take a moment to reflect on the beard. The abs. The tatts. Wait – we need another moment….this leads us to #5….



5. New vocabulary word of the day. I’m here to educate you guys.   (thanks Tricia)



poprock4. I know July 4th was last week, but I came across this cookie recipe and I thought it would be fun for kids to try. Pop Rock cookies! Who doesn’t love some pop rocks in their mouth? Little balls that explode and make your tongue feel funny.


Anyway, I’m going to try them soon with my kids. I will report back.

sunscreen flask

3. For those that go to a beach where alcohol is not allowed. Who cares if you get a sun burn! At least you can have your cranberry and vodka.


Your hair will be pretty too.


And then you can take a picture, I mean drink out of your camera flask.


2. I’m having some girlfriends over tonight, and I saw Angela James tweet her recipe for Brandy slush earlier this week. We’ve done a bourbon slush in the past and it’s really good, but I’ve never done it with Brandy and Peach Schnapps. I tasted it last night and it’s goooood. (I followed her 2014 update at the end). Super easy too.

1. This weekend I’m going to be reading the new Amber Lin historical, Falling for the Pirate and the new Carolyn Crane, Into the Shadows (if you haven’t read Off the Edge yet, you need to get on that.. Greatly excited for both! Have a happy, smexy weekend!


  1. Trix says

    You saw Tim Howard in the ESPN body issue from a few years ago, right?

    (Some Googling will probably yield stuff, too–as I recall, there’s a video. I remember having to call ESPN customer service and special-order the Tim Howard cover, because all we had in my local stores were the female nake covers and no one even knew a male one EXISTED. Bah! I guess this year’s edition is out today…now that I’m a cheapskate and just read the library version on Zinio, I haven’t seen it yet. I wonder who the token hockey star will be, and if it’s someone I hate, as it often is…)

    The True Blood scene is lovely, of course, but the description on Fleshbot Gay made it sound filthier than it actually was. Figures.

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