Smexy’s Top Ten – July 18th

10. How come Barbie never got pregnant? Click to find out. (It’s really stupid walking dead humor that made me snort my coffee this morning)


ethan chat9. Oh hey look at this. Ethan, from Chloe Neill’s vampire series is going to have a twitter chat!

She also released the cover for her March 2015 release, Dark Debt.

dark debt

Remember when JR Ward would have those internet chats and one of the BDB brothers would come online and everyone would freak out? Man those were fun days.


app8. There is a new romance App on the market. Created by RWA, the Novel Engagement App is here for author and book news. From an email I received because putting it in my own words is just too darn hard:

  • Search for specific titles, authors, events and publication dates, OR use tags, subgenres and tropes to discover new titles
  • Start your own romance library with your TBR, read, and favorites lists in the “Reader Zone”
  • Answer trivia questions and enter contests
  • Sign up for alerts and follow authors to keep up-to-date on new releases, contests, events and more!
  • Dedicated author pages showcase buy links, current and backlisted books, upcoming events, bios, photos, awards and social media links

You can also head to their website for more information. I’m going to download it this weekend and play around with it.

7. Kindle Unlimited opens today. What is that you ask? for $9.99 a month, you will have access to 600,000 books and 1,000ish audio books – with unlimited reading/listening on any device. Sounds pretty cool..but..I was browsing through the romance books available in this program and I didn’t see a ton I would want to read (I didn’t browse for too long). There is a free 30-day trial, which is a nice way to see if you would use it.

19 GIFs Of Celebrity Men Getting Undressed Just For You

6. Enough book talk! Geez.  Let’s just head straight into dudes getting undressed for us. Yes. Take it off Robbie Ammell. Excuse me while I stare at his stomach all damn day. Here is the rest of the list. It’s pretty PG.

5. Speaking of someone who should be stripping for us…Charlie Hunnam. Why isn’t he in his Calvin Klein boxer briefs. WHHHHHYYYY?

Also note – season premiere of Sons of Anarchy is September 9th. Squeak.

4. You guys. I could listen to Tom Hiddleston talk all day. ALL DAY. I’m going to stare at Robbie Ammell’s stomach and listen to Tom Hiddleston all day. And eat baked ruffled chips and drink wine. You can’t stop me!!!

greekmason3. Bree tweeted this salad link this week, and it looked so good I went to the store and stuffed five mason jars with greek salad. It’s so good and easy! And so nice to just pull out lunch from the refrigerator ready to go. I did use a low-fat salad dressing rather than the one listed in the recipe. Since the dressing stays at the bottom of the jar, it marinates the tomatoes and cucumbers and keeps the lettuce crisp at the top. There are other links for more salads — going to try some new ones next week.


beardflower12. Dudes are putting flowers in their beards. FLOWERBEARDS.

Me: “Hey husband, can I stick flowers in your beard for my top ten?”

Husband: “Hurry up, I have to get to work.”

So I recreated the above masterpiece….


I’m an amazing artist.

1. This weekend I’m reading Looking for Trouble by Victoria Dahl. Excited. Have a happy Friday and a great weekend!!!


  1. Amanda says

    Kindle Unlimited does sound great but like you I was looking at the catalog and didn’t find anything that really interest me. I already have a difficult time finding one book from the Kindle users library each month .

    • Mandi says

      There is a man who sticks lollipops, dry noodles, and other stuff in his beard. LOL. At least this is just flowers.

  2. bev says

    I say sweet hubby to let you do that. Plan on starting the Dahl novella tonight will be my first of hers.I have to say how happy I was to find the books I one in the mail. Been along time since I have had a book package forgot how fun they are to open.

  3. says

    You should hear Tom Hiddleston narrate The Red Necklace. Three discs in, I’m pretty sure it’s set in Paris prior to the revolution… or something. The plot is really not important when you have him whispering in your ears. :)

  4. Lege says

    Eh, what’s it say about me when I prefer my Charlie Hunnam, scruffy and more….edgy? This clean-cut look just makes me want to,,,mess his hair or something. :P
    OTOH, Tom Hiddleston is just puuuurfect. I am pretty sure that God was reading romance books when he was designing Tom. :P

    Flowerbeards! Hey, your art is just minimalistic! Of course, that was your plan all along, I declare it masterpiece as well!

    • Mandi says

      Well – I do like a scruffy guy so I agree with the Hunnam.… plan was minimalist. ;) I’m such an artist.

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