Review: Resenting Me by Crystal Spears

resenting meResenting Me (Breakneck Series 1.5) by Crystal Spears
Released August 20, 2014
MC Romance/Erotic Novella
Self Published

Reviewed by Sheena

 Blurb:  One look at the beautiful Hawaiian flower dancing on stage at his buddy’s strip club and Pyro’s world changes. He’s lost, captivated, head over heels. He tries to stay away, resist her charms, but he just can’t find the strength to do it. Instead, he hires Hazel (Lana) and Winter as entertainment for the Breakneck President’s thirtieth birthday party, unknowingly putting the girls’ lives in danger….

One night together making love until the sun comes up and these two are in too deep. But this is the Breakneck world, and sunrise brings gunfire and bloodshed. Time brings Winter’s abduction and brutal rape.  Lana’s guilt burrows deep, and she pushes everyone away. She is resenting herself for convincing Winter to enter this Breakneck world.  She is resenting Pyro for ensnaring her heart.

 Favorite Quote: “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with this, Lana.  You’re hot and cold with me.  Should I be happy?  Because if not, you need to let me know. I’m not used to feeling and shit.”

Dammit I knew it. I knew this would wound me, but masochist that I am, I read it anyway.

Spears gives some pretty blunt warnings ahead of this mini/novella- and readers should definitely take heed. Resenting Me and the Breakneck world is not for the faint of heart. It is hard and absolutely  raw and takes absolutely no prisoners.

Which is fine with me, give me liberty or give me death! Well, death of the literary-that-story-was-so-good-I nearly-had-a-coronary-variety.

A little  choppy and fast paced, you really need to have read Seize Me (Breakneck #1) to really appreciate how Resenting Me fills in the blanks. This is the story of Pyro and Lana and how, albeit brief, their love was the most tragic of all.

The novella flashes before your eyes, like nostalgic and emotional vignettes revealing the events, one tableau at a time.  I loved Pyro’s character. I always tend to latch on to certain characters and he had my attention from day one! I felt like this story was for him. Lana was not a character I connected immediately with. I thought she shrieked, fought and did too much blow back when I first read Seize Me, for me to really GAF about her. But Pyro. He I adored. Reading Resenting Me, only served to reinforce my affinity for his character. Pyro is all sexy male, wild and free but harboring some insecurities that really surprised me. I suddenly found myself wanting to turn back the clock and save Lana, his cherished Flower, for HIM. Too late to plead with Spears to somehow rewrite history and spare her life. Lana dies and there is not a damn thing Pyro (or me) can do about it.

Self loathing is a powerful theme in this short story. Lana hates herself, then she resents Pyro, then she is back to hating herself, all for matters beyond her control. Pyro carries his pain in his eyes. Those eyes that captivate Lana. Those gorgeous eyes that see too deep and house too much regret. I’ve always said I wanted more of Pyro and damn if I didn’t get it. I’m also blissed out that he is for damn sure an amazing lover (yeah, sorry, I know I am feeling all emo about this tale, but the man is gifted in the sex department).

 “Our pace is slow, cautious, as if we don’t want this spell to be broken. With ease, he lowers me onto my back without skipping a thrust.

“God Baby,” he whispers, dropping his head onto my shoulders…

Put one leg up on the door frame, Flower…”

We follow Pyro and Lana through the dangers and drama of club life. They come together only to crash apart. Lana’s hesitance to really have a go at it with Pyro was all the more devastating, because I knew she was going to die. I knew she was going to die and I wanted her to grab hold of EVERY second she had with Pyro and make it GOOD. Because I knew that the good times for Pyro were numbered. Too soon he would have his heart ripped from his chest and his road to healing would be cataclysmic. I literally shouted for her to stop dicking around and go to him already!! Too much time spent running from him, not enough spent embracing him. *sigh*

Resenting Me does exactly what it is supposed to do. It gives insight and a different perspective into one the most horrific events of the series this far. We see Pyro and Lana fight and fall in love and just when happiness is within their grasp- their hands are violently wrenched apart. I did not enjoy reading this novella. I had to. Much like having to look beneath the white sheet to identify a loved one’s dead body. You HAVE to do it. You have to KNOW. I had to KNOW. And now I do. And now I am ready to see how Pyro’s story continues. Given his trauma, one thing is for certain, the heroine who mends Pyro’s heart and becomes his true love has to be nothing short of amazing.

Breakneck Series Book 1 Seize Me and Book 2, Withstanding Me available NOW!

 Grade: B+

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  1. Deb says

    Oh geez, my hubby will kill me if I read this. LOL. He says, and rightly so, that I get way too caught up and invested in the characters in the books I read. I’m a mess sometimes. That’s the fun, right? But I know he reads over my shoulder in bed when he’s “watching tv”. *smirk*

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