Smexy’s Top Ten – August 29th

photo10.  That’s pretty much the only way to my heart. (also substitute coffee with wine).


viper9. My weekend rec is The Viper by Kele Moon. The hero has done time for gang related stuff (stealing cars) and the heroine is a high school history teacher. They meet when they are involved in a car accident. He is very gentlemanly and won’t leave her until the paramedics can cut her out. He then leaves and goes back to his hometown of Miami. She is so smitten with him that she…wait for it…put an ad in the craigslist personal section – which he finds!! I loved it. LOL. He refers to himself as thuggish and no good for her. She is stubborn and wants this hottie in her bed. It turns out to be a very nice romance. I really enjoyed both the hero and the heroine – AND – the supporting cast is great. The hero’s cousin Chuito is my favorite and his book is next (Chu is a MMA fighter lusting after his neighbor who is a preacher’s daughter. It’s gonna be good y’all)

I’ll be posting a scene this Sunday for Smex Scene Sunday. Big thanks to Pearl for the rec. Goodreads l Kindle.
8. BookBub Bulletin put out a list of the Sixteen Things Romance Readers are Tired of Hearing. They nailed it. Two of my favorites:

“You’re setting unrealistic expectations for yourself about love.”


“I could write a romance book.”


For the full list go here.

7.  Your Friday cute. This little lamb named Winter hops everywhere he goes. zomg. It makes me smile every time. I think my goats need a lamb for a friend soon!!


jamie1126. You guys. I just can’t stop with Jamie Fraser. The way he looks at Claire each episode…Oh Jamie, Jamie Jamie. I just think they cast Jamie and Claire so perfectly!


Are we enjoying Outlander? Each Saturday night at 10pm (right after it ends on the east coast) Michelle and I post our thoughts at USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog. (This upcoming episode, #4 is reallllly good. A lot more action and things start to happen…)

5. Jon Snow is in a new ad for perfume or something. Who really cares what he is selling. We all know he is selling sex and we all want more of it! What I really want is to throw my leg over his shoulder for a little stroke. I’m not asking for a lot here!



4. Gummy Bear Sangria. Do I need to say more? I’m a big fan of gummy bears soaked in vodka. They plump up and get a little slimy, but after a few (they are so strong) you really don’t care anymore. Now to class it up – you make Gummy Bear Sangria.



“Drunky Bears” Giggle. Anyway – It’s just white sangria with vodka soaked gummy bears added in. I think I’m going to make it for Monday’s festivities. I’ll let you know how it turns out.  Recipe. (also very cute site)

3. Jason Momoa, my beloved Mr. Moobs, starred in Drunk History last week as Jim Thorpe. For those not familiar, Drunk History is a show where someone gets really, really drunk and then recites a history lesson/story. Meanwhile, as he is reciting/slurring the story, a celebrity acts out his words – this time the celebrity being Momoa. It’s funny (My favorite drunk history is this one).

2. Going to end the Top Ten on another cute note. This couple has been married 80 years!! 80!!! They are in their early 100’s and are still happy together. Their advice: “We are very tolerant of each other and we do love each other. You mustn’t be hard on each other. And if you have to give in a little bit, you give in a little bit.” He also says – “ It works because we just have the same sense of humor. We just laugh at the same things.” I agree Mr. Kaye. I agree.

Darn it – I’m going to give in a little bit this evening to my husband. (A LITTLE bit). ;)  I have 66 years to go until my 80th wedding anniversary.

1. This weekend we are going to the Orioles game – woohoo! And having a crab feast on Monday. Yay for a three-day weekend. I’m currently reading The Unsuitable Secretary by Maggie Robinson – virgin hero alert. I’ll let you know how it goes. Have a fun and safe holiday weekend!!


  1. Suzy says

    I read Viper this week. Really enjoyed it. Ahhh, loved the scene where Chu told Marcos it was okay to cry. (If you haven’t read it yet, it was a very manly scene…truly!)

    Drunk history…so funny!!

  2. says

    I need to try Viper. I read her Eden books and loved them. I’ve never done Gummy Bear vodka, but I have some blueberry moonshine. :-) I’m not married, but I will have been with my other half 20 years next year. I told him that we should go somewhere. Not sure yet.

  3. Deb says

    Gah! Jamie Fraser makes my Sat. nights now.
    I love this list of things romance readers are tired of hearing! “I can write a romance novel”. Yeah, right, honey. You just go ahead and bang one out and we’ll be the judge of that.
    And the one “will you still read romance when you have a boyfriend?” Duh. Can I just say that my husband hands me my Nook and says, “Read some of your sexy stuff. I’ll be waiting.” LOL

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