J.R. Ward Info

This is where I will collect all the tidbits I can find about upcoming JR Ward books.

Be warned – there are SPOILERS!!!

 The Shadows, coming Spring 2015 (Trez and iAm get their HEAs)
Information from Blogging by Liza and JR Ward’s FB page.


– Murdher will be in The Shadows
– Ward has planned out the next three books
– XCor and Layla will end up together, but not sure when
– JM won’t remember he was Darius, but his brain will still have seizures now and then
– Sympaths will be trouble in the future
– Tohr and Xcor are brothers
– Saxton will get a HEA at some point (and we’ve already met him)
– Lash will be coming back, and his girlfriend will be Devina from her Fallen Angel series
– We will see Lucas, Qhuinn’s brother again
– Autumn (Tohr’s mate) is not Throe’s sister. Throe’s sister is the lynchpin of two favorite characters in this series (huh?)
– Lassiter will eventually fall in love
– The Queen of Shadows is pregnant with s’Ex’s baby
– We have yet to meet iAm’s mate
– The final fallen angel book will be called Immortal (the next book out) and at the end of that book, we will discover Lassiter’s purpose
– when she writes the final fallen angel book, she will still only publish one BDB book a year. There is rumor she will be starting a new series.

The King, out April 1st. Some info from her Facebook Page

– Lassiter will play a pivotal role for Wrath and Beth
– Xcor has a lot of page time
– Sola, gets saved “by a monster”
– Trez is in the book a lot
– Assail gets “busy”

JR Ward is posting excerpts from The King at her FB Page.

News from JR Ward’s signing on 3/30/13:

BOOK TWELVE – The spring 2014 BDB book will be titled – The King. And it will be about Wrath and Beth. You can watch JR Ward announce it on video HERE.

– She also mentioned Butch will get another book and hinted that others will get repeat books as well.

– Sola (Assail’s…woman) is 100% human.

– Throe may have family alive that we may meet (she did a “keep reading”)

– Qhuinn’s sister really is dead. Luchas and him will continue to heal.

– Lash will be back

– Saxton will play a major part in upcoming plot line

– Qhuinn and Blay will be mated.

– Ward noted that Layla is a full bred vampire so her pregnancy will last a long time but Beth is only a half breed……

– stuff needs to happen with Xhex before Murdher gets a book

– Phury’s future is tied up with the Scribe Virgin

– Layla is definitely a fallen chosen

– We will find out more about the woman who serviced Xcor and his brothers and she also hosted that dinner with Wrath…she is married to the really old guy.

– The Angel book out this fall (her other series) will be titled Possession


Book Eleven, Lover At Last – March 26, 2013 


Hero – Qhuinn

Hero – Blay

Info from Ward’s book signing on 9/29. For complete information visit this Goodreads thread and look at Message #29.

  • -Angel eluded to in Rapture is Lassiter.
  • Fallen Angel world and BDB world will have a big collision at some point.
  • Jim lives in Bella’s outbuilding
  • There is some super hot scene in Lover At Last involving the Xcor and his gang. She says “They get A hoe.” meaning maybe a threesome?
  • When asked if we will see Qhuinn’s brother again, Ward said to Keep Reading and squirmed in her seat.
  • She sees Eddie coming back
  • We will be getting full blown sex scenes between Blay and Qhuinn…it sounded like something happens around page 270. Click the link above to read the full answer.
  • Murhder will come back but she is not sure when
  • JR Ward really likes the character Assail
  • What characters will we see in Lover At Last? We’ll see Layla, Saxton, Assail, the BOB, and NOT an inconsiderable amount of Wrath (she can’t say more about the Wrath stuff without getting spoilery…but it’s very interesting). Some BIG scene with Zsadist. 
  • We will see ONE brotherhood induction in Lover At Last
  • Qhuay will bond
  • Lash is definitely coming back

Info from Ward’s talk at RT Conference on 4/13

  • Wording taken direct from this BLOGWard says that one of the very best visions she’s had is of Layla turning her and Qhinn’s newborn child over to Blay in the birthing room, because she really wants to see Blay as a father.  Initially her wording implied Layla would be giving up the baby, but as Ward went on it sounded possible that they would do some co-parenting.  
  • More information from Alpha Heroes HERE.

Info from Ward’s Cincinatti book singing 3/12

  • We will find out where Qhuinn’s brother is
  • Still plans for Lassiter to have his own book
  • Layla and Xcor will be together, but it will take time to change him
  • She is almost done writing Rhage and Mary’s novella, still no release date
  • Murdher has a secret – and we will see more of him
  • The next Fallen Angel’s book will be titled – Rapture. The heroine is Mel Carmichael, she took Beth’s old job at the paper. The book will be in hardcover (due out fall 2012)

Highlights of BDB World from JR Wards’ Message Board

Hero – Tohr
Heroine – No’One

Spoilers from Lover Reborn:

  • Layla goes through her needing – Qhuinn services her. It has been confirmed by JR Ward (From her book signing on 3/31) that Layla is pregnant with Qhuinn’s baby.
  • No’One goes through her needing also but no one services her.
  • We meet Assail, drug lord vampire. Has an acquaintance with Xhex and Wrath. But also with Xcor. Still don’t know a lot about him or his motives.
  • Xhex and JM go through hard times in this book, but eventually come to an understanding. JM allows Xhex to fight, as long as he isn’t there to see it.
  • Tohr names No’one Autumn, because that is his favorite season.
  • Tohr finally puts Wellsie to rest, allowing her to enter The Fade. No’One was actually in her own version of the “in between” and when she has a revelation about herself, she ascends to the Fade. Lassiter gives up himself, allowing No’One to return to earth to be with Tohr leaving Lassiter with His Maker.

Info from JR Ward’s book signing in NY 8/13/11 from Obscured Vixen’s site.

Highlights from JR Ward’s book signing 9/10/11 from Blogging by Liza
Highlights from JR Ward’s online chat on 9/16/11 from Hanging With Bells , highlights include:
  • John and Xhex aren’t okay in Lover Reborn (no idea what that means)
  • Layla’s HEA is in Lover Reborn (although no idea if we are told who it is)
  • Manny will go through the transition in the future

Lover Unleashed Book #9 – My Review, Further Discussion
Hero – Manny
Heroine – Payne

Lover Unleashed Spoilers: 

  • Butch and Manny share the same father.
  • We now know the vision Qhuinn sees when he briefly dies in Lover Enshrined . He sees a girl, that looks exactly like Layla, but with his mismatched eyes. Implying that he sees the future and he will one day have a daughter with Layla. In Lover Unleashed, he assures himself he won’t have sex with Layla.
  • Qhuinn admits to Layla he has feelings for Blay.
  • Butch and Vishous have a BDSM scene where V submits to him.
  • Xcor, Throe, and Zypher are introduced. They fight lessors, but they also want to fight Wrath to be King.
  • Veck is introduced as Jose de la Cruz’s new partner. He will be the Hero in Envy (Fallen Angel #3)


Lover Mine – My Review.

Lover Mine Spoilers:
  • Lash has Qhuinn’s brother frozen
  • Blay loses his virginity to Saxton
  • Qhuinn admits he is gay – to himself. He also fools around with Layla, who thinks she is in love with him.
  • No’one comes to the mansion with Payne. She has been a servant of sorts on the other side.
  • No’one is Xhex’s mother.
  • Payne was raised to believe Vishous was dead. They meet at end of book.
  • Murhder is residing in North Carolina.

Other General News
  • Murhder, Lassiter, and Tohr have been confirmed to get their own books
  • The following pairings have been NIXED by JR Ward: Layla+Tohr, Layla+Lassiter, Layla+Blay, Nalla+Tohr, Nalla+Qhuinn
  • Deleted scene from Covet – go HERE
  • JR Ward mentioned in Barnes and Noble chat that she can’t wait to write Trez’s book. Not sure if she means for it to be in BDB world or Covet.
  • Qhuinn and Blay are confirmed HEA’s!!!! Team Qhuay! Here is LINK where she confirms it.
  • Lassiter is definitely staying in BDB world – she doesn’t know if he is the same type of angel as Adrian and Eddie. (10/20 chat)
  • Wrath and Beth eventually have a son
  • JR Ward was asked if Qhuinn and Blay will end up in a threesome relationship (with a girl) and her answer is keep reading
  • She talks more about Qhuinn and Blay HERE
  • She knows who Trez and iAm end up with (there are female shadows) and she is not sure when their books will be done. Stated HERE on message boards.
  • In this POST, JR Ward talks about how she will deal with the Qhuinn/Blay relationship. At this point she is not sure if it will be subplots, a special book etc…but it sounds like their story WILL be told.
  • John Matthew will never know for sure that he used to be Darius. In Dark Lover, the scribe virgin told Darius he will have no conscious memory in his new life. Once JM gets to the fade, all will be revealed.
  • Publisher just bought two short stories – one featuring Rhage, Mary and their baby troubles which she will begin to write in two weeks. The second will feature, Wrath, son of Wrath the future king which she will start this winter. They will be in paperback.
  • There will be more with Murdher – he has some big surprises in store.
  • She has talked to producers about a possible series/miniseries/movie. She is looking for the right producer to do it. Right now, she is just happy about the books.
  • When asked if there will be new characters introduced, she says there are three males from the Old Country waiting in the wings – she is not sure when they will be introduced. The training center will also be active again.
  • JM and Qhuinn will definitely be inducted into the brotherhood – Blay, she said we’ll see and gave her standard – keep reading.
  • We will be seeing Qhuinn’s frozen brother (who Lash had) in a future book
  • We are getting 6 new brothers. One will be named “Xcor” (pronounced Core)
  • There WILL be Qhuinn and Blay stuff in Lover Unleashed. JR re-confirms that their story will likely be formatted in a big novella, but doesn’t confirm when she’ll write it or any release date.
  • Lassiter gets his own book, but not before Tohr.
  • Tohr’s mate has been confirmed as No’One (Xhex’s mother).
  • JR re-confirms that Rhage and Mary will get a baby in their Slice of Life. Both Slices of Life are still on schedule. Sometime in later 2011. By around June or so, we should get their exact release dates. (Wrath/Beth is the other Slice of Life being released)
  • Yes, the promise that SV demanded from Wrath will come to light but she doesn’t know when or where.
  • Re-confirmation that Lash isn’t really dead, due to the manner of his death (no Butch soul-sucking occurred). JR doesn’t know when he’ll appear again. “Not anytime soon
  • Re-confirms that JM and the brothers will NEVER know that he his Darius, reincarnated. But JM’s seizures will continue to occur from time to time.
  • Ward confirms Lassiter will get a book in the BDB world
The following are notes from her Lover Unleashed signing in March 2011. For full transcript go HERE.
  • Xhex and Murdher have more in common than Xhex knows.
  • Sympaths will become a threat again.
  • Butch and Manny’s father should be revealed eventually.
  • Qhuinn’s brother is still alive but not healthy.
  • Mary/Rhage, Wrath/Beth novellas will show new young.
  • We will see who the leader of the Glymera is in Tohr’s book.
  • Refused to answer who Throe is related to.
  • We will learn more about Xcore – apparently he has an “amazing backstory”
  • There will be a lot of John Matthew in Tohr’s book.
  • JM and Murdher will have a confrontation at some point. (source)
  • Jose’ de la Cruz will NOT eventually find Butch (source)
  • Xcor and Throe will each have his own book. Hinted that No’One may be Throe’s sister (source)
  • (Quoted directly from HERE) When asked at this point if there would be other species introduced she said there was one word that answered that question. You’ll find it on page two of Payne’s book. Because I’m nice, I’ll quote it for you so you don’t have to go look it up:
    …Handpicked and chosen wisely, these males were deadly against the enemy and codeless when it came to vampire society. Codeless when it came to killing as well: It mattered not whether the prey was slayer or human or animal or WOLFEN.  Blood would flow.