Review: Ruby by Jeffe Kennedy


Ruby by Jeffe Kennedy (Facets of Passion #3)
Erotic BDSM
May 13, 2013
Carina Press

Reviewed by Mandi

I’m so glad I was offered Ruby by Jeffe Kennedy for review. She has a couple of erotic BDSM novellas out with Carina Press, and Ruby is a very sexy, quick read. Dani is an assistant editor with a fashion magazine and in New Orleans for a photo shoot. She works hard, long hours and because she works in the fashion industry, starves herself just to keep up with the competition. After a very long work day she falls into a restaurant for a bite to eat. Asking the waiter to adjust her order to have less calories, the chef comes storming out, wanting to know who would dare to ask him to make a meal less than stellar. Dani is no wilting flower and she gets into a heated argument with Bobby Prejean which ends with her leaving.

The next day she happens to see Prejean again, and instead of fighting this time he offers her something else. One night of letting go. Of letting him feed her, show her around town and show her pleasure. Prejean likes to be in control, and he can tell for as wound up as Dani is, she needs to submit.

I sometimes feel burned out with BDSM storylines but this one worked well for me. Most of the book is sex, but I liked the chemistry between Dani and Prejean. He tests her limits, he tests her patience, and at the end, she discovers more of who she is. He is definitely the alpha, dominant one, but he also thoughtful. He does small things that make her realize there is more to him than just tying her up and bringing her orgasms (but really, what more do we need? *grins*)

While I think the couple of days spent with these two are done well, I also think we miss out on really getting to know Prejean well. It’s told in Dani’s point of view, and I feel like we were cheated with Prejean’s story. I pretty much feel like I don’t know anything about him besides his sexual proclivities.

With that being said, I was happy that this book ends with more of a happy for now, rather than an all out, I love you which would have felt very out of place.

While this book is full of sex, the author also really captures the setting of New Orleans. I felt like I was in the courtyards, in restaurants and outside at night walking. I like that the author took her time with the imagery of the town. It plays a big and nice part in the story. Especially with Prejean’s cajun roots.

A very sexy book. I wish we could have gotten to know Prejean more but otherwise, fun read.

Rating: B

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