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rockchickrevRock Chick Redemption (Rock Chicks #8) by Kristen Ashley
Romance Contemporary/Suspense
August 13, 2013
Self Published

Reviewed by Tori

Favorite Quote: “I’m gonna be Sharleen to your Lee.”

 All Ally Nightingale wants is what the rest of the Rock Chicks have. A Hot Bunch guy who loves her to death. She also wants the independence to go her own way. And her own way is leading her to P.I. work, because she is a Nightingale after all. But Ally has secrets, secrets that when revealed cause some very different reactions from those who love her. Some will support her. Some will attempt to stop her. And the one person who holds Ally’s heart will need to make a decision…love her for who she is or lose her forever.

 Rock Chick Revolution is the eighth and final book in Kristen Ashley’s Rock Chick series. A romantic suspense/contemporary series filled with over the top drama, laughter, sexytimes, and situations that will keep your eye rolling and head snapping throughout. Ashley begins this book the day after the events in Breathe (Colorado Mountain series) Ally Nightingale and her sidekick Brody used their computer skills to help find Faye after she’s been kidnapped and buried alive. Ally and Brody travelled to Colorado with Ren Zanos was hot on her trail; furious Ally has once again placed her life in danger. And that is the root of Ren and Ally’s relationship.  From Ally and Ren’s first meeting, it’s been an eventful emotional ride as Ren chases and tries to corral Ally while Ally runs around doing her own thing and pushes Ren away. Fast pacing and a great set up reveals exactly what happened between Ren and Ally in the beginning to explain why she’s running now.

 “I’d had my briefings with Asshole Speak, and that was proof Ren could equal even Luke.”

Ally Nightingale officially met Ren (Lorenzo) Zanos during Ava and Luke’s rocky courtship (Rock Chick Revenge). Ren wanted Ava in his life. He saw her as his chance for a normal life, but Ava had always wanted Luke Stark and that was that. Though Ally has always known of Ren’s crush on Ava, it becomes inconsequential when Ally and Ren decide to act on the chemistry that exists between them and go home together. Ren blows Ally’s mind and she sees him as having the potential to be the one…but is devastated when Ren calls her “Ava” while in bed. Feeling like a third wheel, Ally sneaks away and thus the fireworks begin.

 “ In one night, he had made me believe in the modern-day fairytale. I watched all my girls get, and he made me believe lie had that in store for me. And he made me want it. Ava. The memory of his deep, drowsy murmur assaulted my brain. Hearing that, he took it all away.”

I have waited a long time for Ally’s story. Out of all the Rock Chicks, she is my favorite. While she is just as crazy as the rest, she never falls into the “TSTL” category as a few of the earlier Rock Chicks. Intelligent, loyal, funny, and a complete bad arse…Ally has it all going for her. She also doesn’t take any smack from anyone. True love or not, don’t you dare underestimate her or talk down to her. She’ll cut you off at the knees. I like that she is secure enough in herself that she doesn’t need validation for her choices. She wants to be a P.I. like her brother and the rest of the Hot Bunch. And while she’d like to have her family and friends support, she doesn’t need it. She does her own research, training, etc…and with the help of her bff Darius, she starts attracting clients. And trouble.

 “This guy works at an electronics store and is payin’ you by givin’ you a discount on a new flat screen TV. You do not wade into a mess like that for twenty-five percent off a flat screen TV, Ally.”

“That’s a good discount,” I shot back.

Ren provides plenty of laughter and tears as his need to be “the one” with Ally has him struggling between wrapping her up in bubble wrap and letting his lover spread her wings and fly. He uses every trick in his arsenal to try and pin Ally down and place her in the life he has imagined for them. Ren is also having his own problems as he tries to break away from the business and his Uncle Vito’s control. Ren is an alpha jerk in here on numerous occasions (as most of Ashley’s heroes are in the beginning) but you forgive him when you realise that he really does care for Ally. When one particular job of Ally’s sends Ren into the stratosphere, Ren’s anger and fear causes him to say some things that convince Ally that they will never be able to be together. So she leaves. And Ren’s world comes crashing down around him.

 “I can’t be with a man who doesn’t believe in me.”

But Ren pulls his head out in a classic Hot Bunch manner and wins Ally back.

 “…what you want to do means so much to you that you would let me be who I am, look into accepting my faith, love me that much…”

“I’m sorry, baby.”

The chemistry between Ally and Ren is HOT! Steamy, panty dropping, hot. I really liked we not only see the physical aspects of their relationship but we also get a wonderful ring side seat to the romance blooming between them. Ashley takes it slow, allowing them to work out their problems together while amplifying the sexual tension between them to max levels. I love how we are given insight into Ren’s feelings towards Ally even though this is from her point of view. Both of them have legitimate concerns about a future together. Ally refuses to give up her dream but wants Ren to stand beside her; not in front of her. Ren wants Ally safe and sound and her being a P.I. is putting her on some dangerous people’s radars.

I love the camaraderie and banter between the Rock Chicks and other secondary characters.  If there is one thing Ashley does well, it’s dialogue and characterization. Everyone brings something to the table in here and I loved seeing how everyone’s lives have advanced since their stories were originally told. Weddings are being planned, futures being discussed, and advice being given.

 “Roxie tells me you found yourself a man.”

“I have, Mrs. Logan.” I confirmed.

“Run,” she stated then huffed away.

There are multiple subplots woven into the main storyline that answers questions left open throughout the series and closes various past storylines. Ally’s relationship with her family is a strong emotional plotline and Ashley handles it well. I like she addresses the concerns they all have but allows it to resolve realistically without pushing it into a particular direction just for the sake of the story. Seeing the Nightingales realise that Ally is an adult was fun to watch.

“If I’m willing to lose Ren for this, the man I love […] then I’m willing to do anything for this. In other words, you won’t talk me out of this.”

The ending is dramatic, action packed, and heartfelt in a way that Ashley excels in. Everything wraps up nicely and gives us the finale we’ve all been hoping for. We get an epilogue a few years into the future that assures us the Denver crew is happy, healthy and quite prolific. :P  And, we even get a small hint into a Rock Chick spin off.

Kristen Ashley continues to be my crack pimp in the genre of romance contemporaries and suspense. Rock Chick Revolution stayed true to Ally and Ren and produced a fantastic story that kept me engrossed and cheering to the end. I wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone who enjoys their couples sexy, funny, romantic, and made of pure unadulterated fun.

Rating: B+

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