Smexy’s Top Ten–January 17th

donkey10. I NEED a donkey so I can scratch its ears and it looks like this:


Just the sweetest thing ever! (they don’t smell, do they?)


wild ones9. Nicole rec’d Wild Ones by Kristine Wyllys last week and I’m so glad I finally read it. This book is dark, violent, with a massive, broody underground boxing hero and a heroine that has a sarcastic, cocky attitude. I loved them together. They have lots of angry sex. And the heroine has a BFF named Jax who made me laugh out loud at one point (it’s while he is eating pancakes for those that have read).

Anyway – Luke has some boxer friends and I think they all get books. They are all hard core, massive dudes themselves. Fun, very sexy read.  Goodreads l Amazon


Lay-It-Down-2758. Oh. Ooooooooh. Cara McKenna has a new series coming out and the cover for Lay it Down makes me have grabby hands. Blurb:

That’s a life well lived, according to the Desert Dogs—four friends who call Fortuity, Nevada, their badlands home. Vince Grossier is the self-crowned outlaw king around here. But when Fortuity’s slick new mayor invites a shady casino development to town, the invaders’ cutthroat takeover tactics quickly turn deadly. With police turning a suspiciously blind eye, it’s up to the locals to fight back, and Vince is on the front line. The pretty photographer hired by the developers might be the key to infiltrating the enemy. And a temptation too good to pass up.

Finally free of a controlling ex, Kim Paget’s not looking to be taken for a ride—not on the back of some tattooed roughneck’s bike and definitely not in his bed. But when she finds evidence that her bosses are rattlesnake-dangerous, Kim must entrust her safety to the man who threatens danger of a whole different kind.

Coming in August!


hoyt17. If you take a scroll through Amy Pierpont’s twitter feed, you can see behind the scenes pictures of Elizabeth Hoyt’s recent cover shoot. I always think it is fun to see the actual models pose and what it turns into for the actual cover. This is for Hoyt’s future book titled, Darling Beast. I love that title! (and I looove this author)


thewill6. Kristen Ashley has a new series coming out! The Will kicks off the Magdalene series. Blurb (copied from Smashwords)

Early in her life, Josephine Malone learned the hard way that there was only one person she could love and trust: her grandmother, Lydia Malone. Out of necessity, unconsciously and very successfully, Josephine donned a disguise to keep all others at bay. She led a globetrotting lifestyle on the fringes of the fashion and music elite, but she kept herself distant.

While Josephine was trotting the globe, retired boxer Jake Spear was living in the same small town as Lydia. There was nothing disguised about Jake. Including the fact he made a habit of making very bad decisions about who to give his love.

But for Josephine and Jake, there was one person who adored them. One person who knew how to lead them to happiness. And one person who was intent on doing it.

Even if she had to do it as her final wish on this earth.

Releases April 8.


5. My man moobs is coming back to tv. *squeezes moobies* *licks his eyebrows* Jason Momoa is coming to some show called Red Road on Sundance Channel. I have no idea what it’s about or any other details. Only that he now has short hair and still a massive chest. So who really cares about the plot? *wink*


fassy14. Fassy and Benedict Cumberbatch dance together at the Golden Globes. I know there are a ton of people in my twitter feed who ADORE Benedict Cumberbatch. I don’t know if I do…*hides* Tell me why I should. I don’t think I’m very familiar with his work actually. I’m not complaining that these fella danced together.

3. A few trailers came out this week. A very short Outlander trailer released – there is not a ton of footage but hopefully we will get another one soon! More exciting, the new Game of Thrones trailer released. So. Excited. I’ve started reading book three of this series, and I’m about 35% in. I’m still reading scenes that we’ve already seen on tv, but I should be getting to new material soon. I’m excited.


busybulge2. Last night Buzzfeed asked an extremely important question – Which of Jon Hamm’s Massive Bulges Are You? My answer – Busy Bulge.

Your bulge is always on the phone. People sometimes think you’re stuck up but you’re just misunderstood. In terms of your bulge, it likes just sitting there. No underwear for you.

If I had a bulge, it would totally always be on the phone and just sitting there. All of a sudden I have bulge envy. Damn it.

Take the Quiz HERE. Let me know what other bulges are options….

1. This weekend I’m reading Running the Red Light by Kelsey Browning (I quite enjoyed her first book) and In Too Deep by Tracey Alvarez (new to me author). Tonight we are going to a friend’s house to play Dominion. My hubs and I have played this for a couple of years now and it never gets old. It has really fun expansion packs too.

Have a great Friday and a fun weekend!


  1. Selena Mc says

    I took the quiz last night. I am, “Beach Bulge”. Apparently, my bulge likes to air out in shorts relaxing on sandy shores all day :)

    I’ve watched the trailer for Outlander like 20 times. Some people in the Outlander FB groups slowed it down, scene by scene & we discussed each screen shot at length. So….that’s how obsessed I am! I’m a dork. Lol

  2. Jackie says

    I am so excited for the Outlander series to start. The actor cast as Jamie..good catch! I’m still thinking about Claire.

  3. Jackie says

    I have a baseball bulge..Your bulge has a good heart and is slightly guarded. When it comes to bulges, you’re protected. You have a cup.

  4. shannonB. says

    I’m apparently “Suit Bulge”
    Hey big guy (or girl)! Your bulge is all about that cash money. You like your bulges to be suited and free. There’s nothing better than a nice pair of slacks AKA the best pants for bulge viewing (besides sweat pants or gym shorts).

  5. says

    Haha! I have to take that quiz

    You got: Shopping Bulge

    Haaaaay! “Let’s go shopping,” says your bulge! Let’s also wear a pair of shorts that showcase your massive bulge. The mall is the place for you to be seen. That’s where you hang out the most.

  6. Helyce says

    I got Animal Lover Bulge: Your bulge loves animals! Your bulge also loves going on walks with friends. Bulge wise, you love the freeing natural air that shorts provide your bulge.

    Yes Mandi, donkey’s are stinky and unpredictable. They bite…the donkey in that pic is RARE! HEE HAW, HEE HAW!

    So many books I want to read! I’ll never ever find the time! A def YES on the McKenna for the cover alone.

    I think I’ve held off long enough. It’s time to splurge and get HBO. I cannot stand waiting a year for the damn DVDs to come out for True Blood and Game of Thrones.

  7. says

    I got Shopping Bulge: “Haaaaay! “Let’s go shopping,” says your bulge! Let’s also wear a pair of shorts that showcase your massive bulge. The mall is the place for you to be seen. That’s where you hang out the most.”

    That bulge…impressive.

  8. Amanda says

    I recently started watching the Sherlock Holmes series and do now suffer from Cumberbatch Adoration. Its not that I necessarily find him attractive but there is just something about him.

  9. says

    I am a Cumberbabe, bitch or bunny (or whichever nickname that doesn’t offend, lol). Mandi, I can’t exactly explain what it is that I find attractive because his looks aren’t what make him. His eyes are beautiful and they just draw me in. His voice is as magnificent as James Earl Jones and that is really saying something for me. I like his tall lanky frame. As a shorty chubbster, I definitely like that in a man. :-) He’s charismatic and funny and humble in interviews. Plus he’s British. God, I love a British accent. Definitely love that accent mixed with that voice. *sigh*

    This article kind of sums it up:

    • Mandi says

      What a fun article!

      So last night I started with season one, episode one of Sherlock. I only made it about 30 min before falling asleep but I really liked it!! I’m excited to learn more of Cumberbatch. I’m definitely intrigued by him already :)

  10. says

    Lol you would not like petting a donkey Mandi. I am not familiair with that actor either, but my boyfriend loves to watch Sherlock in all its incarnations.

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