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B+ review – Sun-Kissed by Laura Florand (contemporary)
B review – Against the Dawn by Amanda Bonilla (urban fantasy)
B review – Air Bound by Christine Feehan (paranormal)
B review – Stuff by Josephine Myles (m/m)
B review – The Virgin of Clan Sinclair by Karen Ranney (historical)
B- review – Banishing the Dark by Jenn Bennett (urban fantasy)
C- review – Moon Shine by Vivian Arend (paranormal)
C- review – Something to Talk About by Dakota Cassidy (contemporary)
D review – Perfect Imperfections by Cardeno C. (m/m)

Mandi wants her Heroes and Heroines to be Single!

Smexy’s Top Ten


News from Mandi: The Bottom Line by Sandy James features a heroine who is recovering from breast cancer and chemotherapy. The hero becomes the man who she hires to help renovate her house. It’s a very sweet love which I liked, but – the book is verrrrry focused on breast cancer recovery which is a little heavy for me personally. I also had a hard time liking the heroine’s friends who worry about her. One comes off very abrasive and treats the heroine almost as if she were a child. The subject matter in this one just didn’t resonate with me.

I ranted a bit this week at Smexy about Pretty Reckless by Jodi Linton. Not a fan of a hero or heroine engaged to someone else through most of the book. Also didn’t like how this heroine was treated by her co-workers – sexual harassment all over the place. And not a fan of the suspense/mystery part of this book. Needless to say, this one didn’t work for me.

Onto the good stuff! Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren is soooo good! It’s sweet AND filthy, who would have guessed? The hero is french – the heroine made me laugh. I’m going to feature the book tomorrow for Smex Scene Sunday and we’ll talk more. Having not read this author before, it really surprised me. Tori gives good recs y’alll.

Burned by Sarah Morgan is a cute, quick read. It features the sister of the heroine in Ripped, a book I loved. This heroine meets her old flame and they have some intense rekindling. I wish it had been a little longer but it was fun. Review coming soon.

I’m currently reading Grim Shadows by Jenn Bennett and enjoying it a lot. The hero is the brother of the hero from Bitter Spirits. Really fun setting and characters. I’m impressed. Review coming next week.


News From Tori: This weeks been a slow reading week. It’s been hot and I’ve been crabby.

I finally got around to reading Up From The Grave by Jeaniene Frost. Enjoyable though I wasn’t blown away. I felt the tone of the story didn’t match the storyline and Cat & Bones seemed more subdued than normal.

Push by Claire Wallis. Yikes. This psychological NA thriller blew me away with it’s twists and turns. Humorous, sexy, and sinister to boot- Push has become one of my top reads for 2014.  Review to come.

Boys Like You by Juliana Stone. I enjoy Stone’s romances; regardless of the ages involved. This heartfelt story addresses mistakes we make and having the courage to forgive yourself. Review to come.

Stormy Persuasion by Johanna Lindsey. I have always enjoyed Lindsey’s Malory/Anderson series though the last few haven’t been as engaging as her earlier ones. A lightweight historical romance with some interesting characters and a sweet predictable romance. Review to come.

The Kraken King (Parts 7 & 8) by Meljean Brook. Brook’s brings it home in the last two parts of her 8 part serial. The two major issues circling our lovers are brought to the forefront and resolved in a manner that leave you an emotional puddle. I didn’t think it could get any better but Brook’s proved me wrong. Review to come.

The Frozen Star (Star, #2) by Jesse Lane. Fans of this dynamic YA pnr have waited impatiently for Lane to release this book but the wait worth it. Review to come.

Promise Me by Cora Brent. A somber MC romance about a young women who risks everything to escape a polyamorous marriage to a sadistic man. She is taken in by a small MC and begins to heal with the help of family and the man who saved her.

Dragon’s Lair by Chantal Fernando. A funny sexy MC romance that pits an opinionated pregnant 20 year old against an MC VP.  The sparks and laughs fly as our heroine tries to settle into the biker world while maintaining her independence.
This weekend I’m finishing up Keith Melton’s Dark Ride Dogs and whatever I grab out of the pile because I can’t even begin to tell you what my review schedule looks like. *thud*


News from Sheena: This week has been pretty busy!  Between work and family obligations, I am just wiped. [Insert involuntary lip biting and husky mmmhhm] Ahh sorry- I just had a flash back of Hawk from Kristen Ashley’s, Mystery Man rolling his big, sexy Commando body over and telling Heroine Gwen- “babe, I’m wiped.” Yeah…read that- it’s awesome. Ahem.  The highlight was one of my most anticipated spring releases Hunt the Darkness by Alexandra Ivy. I have been waiting on Roke and Sally’s book for a friggin year and Ivy did NOT disappoint!  This is book 11 (I know but this is suck a cracky little paranormal series) of her Guardians of Eternity series. Review to come soon!

I am currently wrapping up  When You Are Mine by Kennedy Ryan and trying to resist the urge to gorge with reckless abandon on the highly recommended Sweet Filthy Boy byChrisina Lauren.  I am saving it for my upcoming long weekend when the kids are away! I hear it’s smokin’ hot!
School is almost out and I have GOT to figure out a plan for these kiddos so they can have fun at camp (read: not cramp my reading style!) hahahaha #AwesomeMom



  1. Mary says

    Ok. Sweet Filthy Boy sounds great! However . . . The hero’s name!!!! It’s my 4 year old’s, too. And it’s not a normal name, so every time I read it in the sample, it was tooooooo wrong. Has this happened to anyone else??? Someone want to do a search and replace with the name “john” or something? K thanks.

    • Cheryl says

      I also loved sweet filthy boy. You should definitely read Christina Lauren’s beautiful series. Beautiful Bastard is good, though my least favorite. Each book in the series gets better and better.

      • Sheena says

        OMG! My daughter’s name was a heroine in a very naughty tale and it threw me completely off….haha

  2. Sheralee says

    I loved Sweet Filthy Boy and have also read the other books but I think Beautiful Player was my favorite. I haven’t read bitter spirits but I have heard such good things.

  3. Pam P says

    Have to agree about the last Cat & Bones story. Loving the Kraken King, up to Part VI right now – Iron series one of my top series.

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