Smexy’s Top Ten – May 22


10. Let me just point out – I was gone from Tuesday morning to Sunday morning for RT. When I arrived home, I had a broken oven and two toilets that wouldn’t flush. The children and the pets were still alive. But my god – what took place inside my house for five days? I […]

Smexy’s Top Ten – May 8th

what night

MAY THE FIRTH BE WITH YOU AM I DOING THIS THING RIGHT — citizenrobot (@citizenrobot) May 4, 2015       10.  Yeah Yeah Yeah – May the Fourth Be With You – but next year it’s going to be all about The Firth!!   9. A cute video from Julie James that talks […]

Smexy’s Top Ten – May 1st.


10. I had to google this meme. I’m so old! Now I get it. 9. If you are going to RT – first make sure you say hi to Tori and I! And second, RT has a phone app that is handy for scheduling and information purposes Go here to get it! RT is coming so […]

Smexy’s Top Ten – April 24th


A photo posted by therock (@therock) on Apr 20, 2015 at 7:38am PDT 10. The Rock’s legs are scary. Right?? How does that happen??      9. Cover alert!! One f my favorite series has a new book coming out, Behind the Mask by Carolyn Crane. These can be read as stand-alones but I’ve enjoyed […]

Smexy’s Top Ten – April 17th


10. Chewie, we’re home. And the internet broke.  The Star Wars trailer released yesterday and all I saw was – “I’m too nervous to watch.” “What if it sucks” 2 min later -” OMG it doesn’t suck!!!” 9. Amazon has FREE streaming of Orphan Black Season one today. (Season 3 preimeres this weekend) This show […]

Smexy’s Top Ten – April 3rd


10.  Fact: I don’t like Cadbury Creme Eggs *hides*     9. Speaking of chocolate, someone made a 6-foot, 88 pound chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch.  I’d eat this!!! (link)   8. A Bollywood Affair by Sonali Dev is finally on sale! Not sure how long this will last so grab it up! My review is here. […]

Smexy’s Top Ten – Smexy Turns Six! Feelings and Boners.

I think “Feelings and Boners” should be the new Smexy Books tagline. I tweeted that in regard to a book I was describing on Twitter, and someone said it should be our tagline. It fits, right? We don’t take ourselves all too seriously, but we are passionate about romance books. And feelings. And….boners. We like […]

Smexy’s Top Ten – March 20th


10.Who doesn’t love Lionel Richie humor? (link)   9. Just sayin’ – as of this morning, I’m tied for first in Dabwaha. However, as you read this, I’m pretty sure I’ll be wayyyyy down in the standings as this morning’s voting is not going my way. But at least I had a day of being […]

Smexy’s Top Ten – March 13th


10. HAPPY FRIDAY. (‘scuse me while I try to hump Chris Hemsworth’s bicep) (there’s really no point in reading anymore. Just keep staring)   9. Shannon Stacey has a new series coming out with Carina Press this summer – Firefighters. It’s been a while since I’ve read a firefighter romance. I’m ready. Read more about it […]

Smexy’s Top Ten – March 6th


10. I think my kids went to school for an entire 2.5 days this week due to ice, snow, cold – I can’t even keep track anymore. I just know I’ve had a house full of children – some mine, some not – and I’ve made a continous stream of chicken nuggets and dried a […]