May’s top 10: April 18


At the moment Utah has a bit ‘o smexy in it. (heh). That’s right. Mandi is off on a fabulous vacation while I (May) sit here and scour the internet for you, my lovely smexy friends. 10. I won’t give spoilers – but a) Mandi being on vacation is SERIOUSLY crimping my GOT recap session […]

Smexy’s Top Ten – April 11th


10. So I hear last week Tori perused my Facebook account and stole a not so flattering picture of my husband and myself – we MAY have consumed some beers at the baseball game, and then she posted it in the Top Ten. Oh….there will be revenge Tori!! *wait for Tori to post a bad […]

Smexy’s Top Ten-April 4


Mandi is gone. AGAIN. She’s always going off to do fun exciting naughty things and leaving me at home. ALONE. I think she is cheating on me. In fact, I have PROOF!   See? Who IS this man? She thinks I don’t know…but I do. *sob* Whatever will I do now?? How will I survive […]

Smexy’s Top Ten – March 28th


10. Perfect bag for me! (thx Danielle!) Link   9. I just noticed that Decadent Publishing is doing a  Calendar Men series. Each month, a new book with a new featured hero. I have yet to read any of these, but it looks like a fun premise. Read more about it here. 8. The RITA […]

Smexy’s Top Ten – March 21st


10. Is it flip flop weather yet?? Because damn it! 9. Dabwaha voting is officially underway! What is Dabwaha you ask? It’s like March Madness for college basketball but for books! 64 books have been nominated, and they move to the next round if they get enough votes. It’s too late to submit a bracket, […]

Smexy’s Top Ten – March 14th


10. OMG a Strawbeary!! Never eat it!   (Faces in Things is a fun twitter acct to follow)   9. One of my favorite authors. Julie James has a book on sale. Just the Sexiest Man Alive is now $1.99. I recommend all her books. My favorite I think is A Lot Like Love, but […]

Smexy’s Top Ten – March 7th


10. *pushes skirt back down * *ahem* 9. Nalini Singh has released the cover to her next Guild Hunter book – Archangel’s Shadows. I loooooove this cover. Dear Author is currently have a contest giving away an entire set of the guild hunter books and an ARC of her next Psy/Changeling book, Shield of Winter. […]

Smexy’s Top Ten – February 28

squirrel feeder

10. Maybe because it is 7 degrees outside – again for the 100th time this winter and I have CABIN FEVER AND GOING INSANE. But this horse head squirrel feeder makes me giggle. A lot. It’s almost as good as the squirrel head feeder. Can we just keep creating different heads for the squirrels to […]

Smexy’s Top Ten – February 21st

impossible things

10.  Shannon Stacey tweeted this gif earlier this week with the caption, Me right now, along with pretty much everyone else in the Northeast. It’s been a piss poor winter y’all. IF ONLY MY HAIR LOOKED THAT GOOD IN THE FREEZING WIND AND SNOW. Damn it Jon Snow. Stop being so sexy on top of […]

Smexy’s Top Ten – Valentine’s Day!


10. Love is in the air bishes! Or maybe it’s just snow, and sleet and in general miserable weather.  Hold me.   9. We are kicking V-Day off strong in the top ten today. Joe Manganiello in bed. OH HI JOE! Roll over because I’m comin’ in. Look at that face – he is thinking […]