Smexy’s Top Ten – November 20th

10. I’ll be bringing several “side dishes” this year.   9. Speaking of wine… and someecards – put them together and you have epic wine which I’m totally using for gifts this Christmas. They are $12.99 – not too bad at all. Link. 8. Cover alert! Wolf’s Ascension by Lauren Dane. Verrrrrrrra sexy. Releases in […]

Smexy’s Top Ten – November 13th


10. This is scary. Don’t do this today. David Beckham’s butt appreciation tweet — Lady Boners (@_LadyBoners) October 26, 2015 9.  Let’s just start this Friday with this. It’s the start of the weekend – we deserve this.   8. You guys – superhero beards! This is amazing. If Ben Affleck had this beard with […]

Smexy’s Top Ten – November 6


10. I try to start the Top Ten with something relevant –  but I have nothing today. So Blunt Card it is!   9. We are getting a new Polo Romance series. Ignacio Figueras (pic above), aka Nacho aka renowned polo player, AKA Ralph Lauren model, will be part of the process. Grand Central Publishing […]

Smexy’s Top Ten – October 30


10. It’s Halloween, which means I have to feature my two favorite Halloween Blunt Cards.  Oh Drunk Peggy.     9. Something amazing happened this past weekend. Fiction Vixen (aka Sophia) and Smexy Books (aka me) met – IN PERSON. After years and years of friendship, and at least 3 million texts, we met. We laughed. […]

Smexy’s Top Ten – October 16


10. Yesterday was National Red Wine Day. I hope you all celebrated appropriately. 9. I just finished The Fifteenth Minute by Sarina Bowen this morning. She is one of my favorite authors and in this one, as in her others, she brings up a difficult topic. This time the hero has been accused of non-consensual sex […]

Smexy’s Top Ten – October 9


10. Are we going to be Naughty or Nice this weekend? Please answer appropriately. (thanks angela!)   As soon as he opened the door, she saw that wild look in his eyes that meant just one thing. He’d been playing World of Warcraft all night. — 50 Nerds of Grey (@50NerdsofGrey) October 7, 2015 9. […]

Smexy’s Top Ten – October 2


10. Luckily, it looks like Joaquin is now going to turn out to sea. Because by the time he would have gotten to Maryland, we were getting the bearded, somewhat recluse Joaquin and I’m not sure that’s my favorite 9. Some book news – Teresa Bailey has a new book coming out in December. Hot cover […]

Smexy’s Top Ten – September 18


10. Does anyone need this after this week? This cute Etsy store creates custom wine and beer labels – I might get some for Thanksgiving to use for hostess gifts! Link 9. I probably shouldn’t be blabbing about this book yet – because I’m only at the 25% mark. BUT – the girls from Fiction […]

Smexy’s Top Ten – September 11


10. Man, it’s hard to write that date in the title. We remember. We never forget.   9. My friend Pamela rec’d this one to me – and we share a very similar taste in books. C.M. McKenna is the pen name for Cara McKenna, an author whose voice I love. I read this and […]

Smexy’s Top Ten – September 4


10. It’s Labor Day Weekend! My neighbor is having a get-together and she always makes Bourbon Slushies. They. Are. Amazing. I don’t know her exact recipe but I think it’s pretty similar to this. *cheers*   9. Pamela recommend this book to me – it’s a second chance love story and it’s fabulous. The book […]