1. Mde bf look, well I had to share Jensen with someone ;) he was not amused

    Lamest Hunger games name ever!
    Huggle Labradoodle

    And I am a klutz
    You were killed by stepping on an alligator.

    • LOL…I can’t imagine WHY your BF didn’t like the Ackles photo. I mean really!

      I like your name…LOLOL

  2. Great top ten Mandi!! Wanted to share my Hunger Games name:
    Mugwort Overdeen from District 11. I was killed ingesting poison…. No bueno!!

    Happy Reading this weekend! What are you looking forward to?

    • I’m going to read Beth Kery’s new Harlequin – Claiming Colleen. And then I’m not sure! Maybe that viking angel vampire Sandra Hill book :)

  3. Great top 10 Mandi! *fanning myself*

    LOVE the dong cat. I LOLOL so hard when I saw it on Pinterest.
    Yes, PETA gains all my love for that poster. :)
    Biting Cold better deliver or else. That’s all I’m, saying.

  4. *looks at the first pic* In the immortal words of Mr. George Tekai, “Oh my!”

    Shame on me for not knowing that Meredith Duran was coming out w/ another book…I lurve her!! I will definitely be adding “At Your Pleasure” to my list of purchases later this month :)

    ♥Isalys / Book Soulmates

    • Duran’s books are all so different. I just love her voice. I hope you like her newest!

      And yes – Oh My is appropriate! ;)

  5. Jensen Ackles left the strongest impression on me! Seriously good photo and great moto!:)
    Last week I had Kate Noble envy and now I have Meredith Duran envy! Merdith Duran can’t get wrong for me.
    Oh, and Curran is rowr, as always…! lovez him!
    It’s been a good week.:)

  6. It’s a good thing I am home sick today. The post scrolled up on my reader account and my very vocal response would not have gone over well in the office.
    Thanks for the bright spot in a crappy day.


  7. I love love love Curran….I DEVOURED those books in like 2 days! Not so sure about the Hunger Games, I thought the Twilight Books were ok, the movies are better when you have been drinking, and I like the True Blood HBO show WAY better that some of the Sookie Books.

    So Mandi, help me out….I need another good series to read

    • many. I do have a “book rec” page which has all my favorite series by genre.

      If you like Ilona Andrews (have you read her Edge series?) I also think you would like – Nalini Singh, Kresley Cole, Patricia Briggs…

      Check that link though. And let me know if you need more info about any of the authors/books!!!

      • Mandi – I always check your guys link for new books. It’s so funny, I have smexy as a favorite on my nook and I bounce between your site and when I am looking for books to download. I will try Patricia Briggs, I really like the Urban Fantasy.

          • Funny enough, my teacher took Briggs off her To Read list for the class after last semester didn’t like it enough. I boggled. Completely boggled.

            Then again, my classmates couldn’t figure out who was having Sascha’s dreams in Slave to Sensation. They’re kinda different, that lot.

  8. Jana – I moved over to the Patricia Brigg’s Mercy Thompson series and that has been making me happy after finishing Curran!

    However, I was sad about his POV series. It’s like there was no deliberation put into his thoughts at all! I dunno.

    But holy heck, Mandi – that first picture? Yikes!! *fans herself*

    • Thanks guys, I have read all of the Nalini Singh and Kresley Cole books, and the Bones books too! Will have to try Patricia Brigg. I love my Nook, its so AWESOME to download the entire series at once.

  9. This Top Ten is beautiful :) All those sexy men, pretty book covers & drink recipes!! I am a happy Smexy follower. One request…WE WANT MORE SHIRTLESS PICTURES OF BURT RENYOLDS! Just kidding ;)

    The only thing I like about PETA is their nakey posters. Holy hell…this Jenson Ackles poster is EPIC!!

  10. Booze, hot naked menz & cock-faced cats, there is nothing I don’t love about this post. Happy weekend!

  11. oh-my-dear-lord, I laughed out loud at the cat pic! Like seriously, busted out, hubby-gave-me-an-odd look, laughing. And thank-you for sudsy-guy and the PETA pic *g* So kind of you to start our weekend off with a couple of hotties.

    • hehehe. I saw that cat picture on Pinterest and died with the LOLs too. I always love an accidental dong. :)

  12. Oh that first gun-toting hottie, it looks the middle of the top of the pic looks like a separated anatomy part. I’m just saying. And then seeing Jensen Ackles in whips and chains? Awesome. (Met him once at a in-town thing he was doing for NBC when he was repeating as Eric Brady.)

    Also, I’m reading Dark Lover for a class? And I’m really, really not into it. I think I’m the only romance reader on the planet besides my friend.

    Okay, I want a cool Hunger Games death and name. Seriously, look at might:

    Your name is Toodles Cropperdoodle

    Congratulations! You had the honor of being a District 11 tribute in the 32nd Hunger Games!

    You were killed by loving too deeply.

    • I know others who didn’t like BDB. You are not alone. *as I cry silently at my computer* Kidding :)

      Hey Toodles…you shouldn’t have loved so hard!!!

      LOLOLOL. I love it!!

      • Wait. Where are these people? May I meet one, please?

        If you cry tears, does that mean a vampirey boyfriend will come?

        I’m a bad cliche from a bad remake of a bad B movie! I ought to get a badge of honor for that or something.

        • Well – I mean – there must be some one out there that doesn’t like Dark Lover


          *hears crickets*

          • You know, those crickets would be AWESOME hockey pucks! You could hear the pucks a mile away as they go down like the Titanic.

            If I can’t find anyone to join in my non-fun, I’ll just have to make my own.

  13. I’m fairly new to following you here, and I have to say I wish I’d found you so much sooner! I love these weekly top tens.

    I’m absolutely sharing that peta ad, btw. It’s all about spreading the word for a good cause, right? ;)

  14. I love your top tens Smexy! Where did you find that photo (10)? *fans self*

    You will have to tell me if the new Chloe Neill means I can finally read the two books on my TBR or whether I should keep to my decision to break up with the series!

  15. I’ll put ’em up for #10 and his shadow HAWT! #9 Thanks for the link FB link on J.R.Ward I “liked”. #4, I’m Driff Wackadoodle, District 12, died with my true love via a poisoned goblet…so tragic. Shared site with my 14 year old, it’s going viral with her friends! #3 Oh PETA lovely pic. #1 I wouldn’t have seen that if you didn’t point it out. Really.

  16. Okay Pip Ficklewood? *gigglesnorts* I was killed by sticks and stones that broke my bones… to funny on the Hunger Games… but a great book and movie… definitely suggest reading and watching.

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