Smexy’s Top Ten–March 16

10. Put ‘em up!! And proceed carefully through this top ten. (PS – the very top of this picture could be a dangly? A shadow? Probably best not to look too close) (Source – awesome tumblr, nsfw)


Lover Reborn (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #10)9. JR Ward is putting up daily quotes from Lover Reborn (out 3/27) on her Facebook. Her latest:

As everything went dark, Vishous dematerialized on top of the guy, taking him down and grinding his face into the tile. “I’m going to kill you now-“

“No,” Wrath ordered. “Not until we know what’s going on.”

In the shadows, V grit his teeth and glared at the king. But at least he didn’t hit the trigger. Instead, he put his mouth to their host’s ear and growled, “You better think twice before you go for any exits again.”

“Then do it yourself.” This came out as, “Vhen do ith y’selth.”
-Lover Reborn, pg. 323

Oh Vishous. *bites lip* I know I’ve been talking about this book since, oh, this time last year. But I seriously can’t wait. I love these BDB boys.

8. Kresley Cole has revealed the cover to her new YA book, Poison Princess. Per this article:

The tale follows 16-year-old Evangeline “Evie” Greene. After a year of dark hallucinations, her Louisiana town is destroyed—just the way her visions predicted! With the help of the town’s Bayou bad boy, Jack, Evie discovers a group of teens sharing special powers and an ancient prophecy that leads to the ultimate battle of good versus evil.

Poison Princess releases in October. Go HERE to read an excerpt. I’m more excited for Shadow’s Claim, her IAD spinoff about the Dacian vampires, who we met in Lothaire’s book. Shadow’s Claim comes out in November.


Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels, #3)7. In case you missed it, Ilona Andrews put the Hot Tub Scene from Magic Strikes up on their blog in CURRAN’S POV. Oh baby baby. Quick peek:

I grabbed her and pulled her on top of me. Bare skin. She wasn’t wearing anything. I kissed her again, my tongue probing her mouth.  She put her arms around my neck. Her breasts pressed against my chest.  Mmmm.  I brushed her hair off her neck with one hand and kissed the delicate curve of her throat, cupped her tight little butt, and pulled her against my body.  I was almost painfully aware that she was sitting astride my erection.

Go HERE to read the whole thing. Smexy likes.


At Your Pleasure6. I finished At Your Pleasure (out 3/27) last night. “A” read for me. I will put a review up for it late next week. SO good. And as I’ve been saying on Twitter and GR, Adrian the hero is pretty much the villain throughout the story and he has the perfect match in his heroine. I can’t say enough good things about this book!

If you are unfamiliar with Meredith Duran’s work, currently Duke of Shadows and A Lady’s Lesson  in Scandal (review) are $3.99 on Kindle. I enjoyed both! All of her books are total stand alones too.


Biting Cold (Chicagoland Vampires #6)5. So y’all probably know I was NOT happy with how the last two Chicagoland Vampire books by Chloe Neill turned out Because I adore the beginning books in this series, I’m giving it one more shot with Biting Cold. We are off to a good start with the teaser Chole Neill just posted. I’m putting it under spoiler tag in case you haven’t read the last book. I don’t want anyone yelling at me!


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He marched to the center of the room, interrupting a cadre of half a dozen vampire who were sparring on the tatami mats that covered the floor.“Out,” he bellowed, and no one stopped to ask for clarification. Without a word, they gathered up their things and headed for the door.

“Lock it,” Ethan directed, and I closed and locked the door behind us, my heart thudding in anticipation.

When I turned around again, he was pulling his half-buttoned shirt over his head, and his shoes were gone.  His Cadogan medal hung just above the scar that puckered his chest—the mark he bore from taking Celina’s stake.

“Ready when you are, Sentinel.”


That’s much more like it. Now as long as the other thing with you know who gets resolved, all will be well in my world. Releases Aug 27.


4. Hunger Games is out next week! Before you see the movie, go to this site to get your official Hunger Games name and method of death. LOL. It’s cute.

My name is Myrtle Bogsworth from District 5, and I was killed with a nunchaku. Well damn, that is a hard way to die. POOR MYRTLE!  I do think Myrtle is a good name for me though. LOL


3. Dear Jensen Ackles and the crazy people at Peta. I approve this message. Love, Smexy.

I was even threatened on Twitter by Jen from Red Hot Books if I didn’t post this. Mandi, If you don’t find a place for this in the Top 10, you’re not the woman I think you are Oh..a challenge. I hope I passed.


2. My Pinterest these days consists of Hot Men, Smutty Kisses, and Cocktail recipes. I really can’t think of any other topic that interests me. What?

With the weather getting warmer here, I saw Fiction Vixen (she has a “Shameless love of Cowboys Board *gulp*) post a recipe for Strawberry Peach Vodka Collins Popsicles. O-O <—- what my eyes look like. And hey, it has pureed strawberries in them. Totally healthy! Recipe HERE.

omg a dong face cat!!! <3 <31. This isn’t my cat but pretty sure a requirement for my next cat will be that it has a dong on it’s face. (Source). And on that note, Happy Friday. Have a fun St. Patty’s day tomorrow! Read some good books too!